The Simple and Smart SEO Show

Finding Balance and Clarity in Business w/Kathleen Booker

August 16, 2023 Kathleen Booker Season 2 Episode 65
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Finding Balance and Clarity in Business w/Kathleen Booker
Show Notes

In this captivating episode, Kathleen Booker takes us on a transformative journey of breathwork and intentionality. Discover how the simple act of tuning into your breath can unlock a world of peace, clarity, and enhanced productivity in both your personal and professional life.

Connect with Kathleen:

Episode Highlights:

  • The connection between breathwork, stress reduction, and improved health
  • Exploring the benefits of breathwork for business owners and their output
  • Embracing consistency and staying true to your own unique journey
  • Unveiling the parallels between intentionality in breathwork and strategic use of SEO keywords
  • Practical exercises to prioritize tasks and create a healthy work-life balance
  • Cultivating self-kindness and fostering awareness for personal and professional growth
  • Applying mindful breathing techniques to navigate stressful business situations

Join Kathleen, Crystal, and Brittany as they discuss  insights and strategies for integrating breathwork and intentionality into your business routine.


  • A guided breathwork exercise led by Kathleen  [00:25:30 to 00:33:30]

Elevate your mindset, optimize your decision-making, and discover how these strategic practices can propel you towards success.

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