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3 Ways to Optimize Your Podcast w/ Podcast Producer Leah Bryant

October 19, 2022 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell, Leah Bryant Season 1 Episode 21
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
3 Ways to Optimize Your Podcast w/ Podcast Producer Leah Bryant
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Welcome to the Simple & Smart SEO Show!
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Meet: Leah Bryant!
She's the founder of Leah Bryant Co., an all-woman podcast production boutique agency that helps coaches & course creators launch & manage their podcasts.

Workflows are important in podcasting in order to make the process less stressful.

  • Key templates to use in podcasting include guest outreach, show notes, and graphics.
  • B is analytical & helps with the organization of the podcast, while Crystal  handles the technology.
  • Leah is starting a podcast with a buddy, Marcie, about private podcasts—an underutilized asset for businesses.

Host a private podcast on Hello Audio, Libsyn, or Captivate:

  • Hello Audio was the 1st to spearhead private podcasting.
  • To make a private podcast, you pay a fee and set up your RSS feed like normal.

Several creative ways to monetize a podcast:

How a podcast helps your SEO & your biz: 

  • Build community is important for business growth & connection.
  • allows people to stay connected & continue the conversation.
  • Leah loves helping podcasters because she takes a holistic approach to find gaps & fill them.

Fun facts about SEO & podcasting:

  • SEO is important for audio since Google started indexing it around 2018.
  • Utilize blog posts, optimize website pages, use keywords throughout

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Simple and Smart SEO Show Episode 21: Leah Bryant

So it's really great to kind of put a spin on the content that you're already doing and sharing, but in a way that yes, you can monetize from it, right?

 If you think about it, if you have it included in a course, or if you have a part of your welcome series or anything like that. 

So there's just a lot of different options and ways that you can utilize it.

And I'm just excited to share with the world, right? 

Because I feel like everybody should have a private podcast. 

Hello and welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO show. 

Where we provide tips and advice to improve your website search engine ranking. 

I'm Brittany Herberg, SEO copywriter for Holistic Health and Wellness Pros who want to show up as the answer to a Googled question.

And I'm Crystal Waddell, an e-commerce seller and content creator. 

I help business owners communicate the value of their products and services through content, so you can make more sales and grow your business. 

We're business besties who love learning and sharing what we've learned. So what are we waiting for? Let's jump in. 

All right, before we get too far down the rabbit hole.

Leah, we're here to talk with you about all things podcast and SEO and SEO podcast.

 And  , who are you, what do you do? Who do you help? Why are you here? 

I love it so much. Hi, I'm Leah Bryant. I am the founder of Leah Bryant Co. and we are an all woman podcast, pro production boutique agency.

We help coaches, course creators launch, manage their podcast, end to end production and , kind of elevating women not only in front of the mic, but behind the mic with the all woman team and just kind of making the podcast world less stressful and more seamless with your workflow. 

So I love that.

It just sounds so gentle and here we go. I've actually been on, I've been a guest on at least one podcast that you manage, Dolly delong's podcast.

 And I'm not sure whose is going to come out when, but if I can I'll link to it in the show notes. 

Yeah, that'd be great. Yeah, so, yay. All right,

Leah. Leah, you had me at Workflow. 

I'm all about being organized. Yes. Yeah. Can we talk about workflow? So for just a second, because I feel like that was one of the most powerful words missing in online business. 

I mean B and I were just talking about that this week. She has been working out her workflows.

I took Dubsado training online and that was so helpful. So helpful. So can you talk a little bit about podcast workflows? 

Yeah, most definitely. So like when we, when I work with a podcaster, it's always important because sometimes I'll get podcasters, and this isn't a bad thing if any of them are listening,

they're just kind of  Okay, I wanna record an episode. Let's just go and do this. 

Okay, well why are you recording it? What's it about?

 What's your audience getting from it? Start there. 

So it's kind of like it all starts at the beginning. Why, what, who, what are they benefiting?All that fun stuff, right? 

And then it's kind of setting out your workflow as far as having a good flow for guest management. 

What does that look like? Right? Like how seamless is that? Do you have someone doing all of that for you? Are you doing it?

 Do you have templates you're using for your email? It's kind of like streamlining everything and making it easier on you.

So that way it's just not doing everything over again, like from scratch, right? 

Just really being …. My philosophy is not that hard work is bad, but work smarter, not harder. So if there's any template you can create, create 'em. I love that. Yeah. I was gonna say, the other special word you said right there that I just love is template.

So templates are our friends. Yes. Yeah. So when it comes- 

Go ahead, go ahead. We're all just too excited this morning. 

I love it. When it comes to podcasting, what are some templates? Like, you don't have to run through everything, but what are some key templates that you think that people really should use and take time to create or find or buy?

Most definitely. 

So I think your guest outreach template, like if you're pitching your show for someone to be on, I think that's a really great template to spend a lot of time in because you could put your bare bones there and then put, then depending on each guest, you could kind of tweak it to them specifically. 

And then other templates would be, well, your initial email with them, your follow-up emails and stuff like that are always key too, right? 

Other templates are show notes. You can have a template for your show notes, right? 

You can just input the different things, have it all laid out for you. So that way if you're doing it, if you have someone else doing it, they have everything there that they need. 

Because like some of the things are repeatable, like your links and things like that you're sharing each time. 

Maybe there's certain bits of the show notes or just podcast descriptions that you're using that are the same that you can put it in those templates and just change the main points. 

And then the graphics that you use, you could essentially have those as templates, right? 

Based on either seasons or every couple of months. Or if you're having themed podcast episodes for a certain period of time, you could do different templates for your graphics for that. 

So there's lots of different things. And then even taking it as far as having a template for your audio, right?

So when I edit a podcast, I have templates for each show that has their intro and their outro and I just pop in their audio for that show there. 

I even have some that were, if they have ads, I have those set up in there too. So it's just kind of like pop and go, just change it out.

Makes it easier. My gosh, This is fascinating. 

I have so many ideas every time I talk to you, my brain breaks because I have so many ideas. Yeah.

You can do templates for audio? Oh gosh, here I go. Shiny object syndrome. 

I know. So is another way to say that almost to have, I mean you've definitely, like you mentioned the intro and the outro.

 If you have an ad, is it also kind of like you have a, like a rough outline for how the podcast is gonna go? 

That could kind of be thought of like a template. 

Yes, but it's definitely not doing what we do where we're like hi person, we're gonna talk about this, here's the show. 

I mean you, that's our template. This is true. That's your template. 

I love you Crystal. I love you. 

This is Good.

 You like episode planning, right? 

You could, when you, like if you're doing a, like say you're doing a theme of SEO and blank for, I don't know, four weeks, you could essentially create a template for those specific ideas, right? 

And have your outline for each show and kind of like help you, not necessarily quote unquote script your audio, but it's good to have an outline of things that you want to cover. And then if other stuff just happens to pop up in conversation, that's always great too.

That's So cool. All right. I have a question for you. 

How was it going through our workflow so far? I'm scared to ask this, but I'm also curious. 

No, I love your reminders. I love it because that was so helpful because yes, it's on my calendar, but the reminders, it's just having that top of mind, right? 

I think that your intake form is fabulous. Yeah, everything has been fabulous so far. 

Shout out to B thse over there. Like, okay. No, I'm sweating because I'm like, really? How was it? But I'm curious because if I can make it better then I want to. 

And I mean, like just even talking through all of this stuff, it's like having a podcast and figuring out these workflows and putting all the pieces together. 

It can be overwhelming. I was just telling someone yesterday,  it can be overwhelming, but I love it so much and it's really cool to be able to do this with Crystal because it's like we're in this together and if one of us is down, the other one picks us up. 

And, it just kind of ebbs and flows. 

So if, just a side note for anyone listening, if you are thinking of doing a podcast but you're terrified to do it or you're just thinking about all the work, there's always someone that can help you. 

There's always a way to work through it and just go for it.

Because we sat on this idea for at least a year, right? Yeah, probably. Yeah, at least a year. 

And really, I don't, I don't typically sit on ideas.  I was thinking about this just yesterday because I remember when B said we should start a podcast. 

And I think I was really busy at the time, so honestly I was kind of like,  if B starts doing this, I'll go along with it and we'll just see if it happens or whatever. 

And I mean, that girl took it and ran and I was like, okay, B! I was like,  are we doing this? Let's do this.

So, , I really appreciate your initiative, , because normally , I’m the quick start or whatever of everything, but you were just like full steam ahead and it was a train that was easy to get on. 

And I was like, okay, here I come! 

But you're a great partner because you wanted to start, but then you're like, okay, now that we've started, these are the things that we need to clean up. 

And you're very analytical. And so having, having B do those types of things with the intakes and stuff, I mean it's been a blessing, because she is really good at those things.

And so  yeah, I just wanna give you a shoutout, but I don't know if I've told you that, but thank you. 

So this Is turning into a love fest. Thank you. No, I mean, so the thing that I feel like you do a whole lot because I don't know any of the tech.

She did the thing like it's magically online now. I don't know how we got there. And you go and find people and  anyway, it's been, it's amazing. 

And I wouldn't want to do this without having a buddy in it, having some help having that backup. And sometimes that backup looks like Leah, so let's get back to her.


 Well, Leah, you said that you're starting a podcast with a buddy. Yeah. So can you tell us a little bit about how that started and what your plans are? 

Yes. Thank you for asking. So her name is Marcy and she's a podcast manager as well. And we kind of went through the same program to learn about all the things that we're doing.

And we have decided to partner up and kind of put our spin on the podcasting world and share knowledge and facts and tidbits and all the things with all the people. 

To help any way that we can. And we're specifically gonna be talking about private podcasts because they're underutilized and they can be such an asset to any business and it's just gonna be really exciting to talk about that.

So super excited. There's not any, it should be what in the next 30 ish days. I love that. That's, that's how our start date was. It's like it's gonna be this. 

Wait, no it's not. It's gonna be this. Wait, hold on. No it's not.

Okay, hold on. Just real quick, what's a private podcast?

Okay, can I tell them, can I tell them? Yes. Okay. If you are listening and Crystal, you too. 

Leah has a quiz. The whole reason I know Leah is because of Linda Sudu. Linda Sudu is like the personality quiz queen. 

And Leah went through a program, I'm sure you can tell him all the kind of stuff about that.

But she has in her welcome sequence after you take the quiz, she has a private podcast. 

I was just listening to it last week because all the episodes have been saved up. 

I haven't had time to go listen to them even though they're like three to five minutes. 

But I was listening to them and I just binged the entire private podcast. I learned so much about Leah.

It was so interesting. Okay, so tell us more about it now that I've built it up. 

I love It. I love it. 

So essentially they're, they're like your podcast here, right? But it's private so the only people who have access to it or who either A, you give access to B, they subscribe like pay a fee for, or like seats included in a course. 

Or if you're like a corporation and you have company training or newsletters or things like that, they can utilize a private podcast to inform their employees of all the things. 

So it's really great to kind of put a spin on the content that you're already doing and sharing, but in a way that yes you can monetize from it, right? 

If you think about it, if you have it included in a course or if you have a part of your welcome series or anything like that. 

So there's just a lot of different options and ways that you can utilize it and I'm just excited to share it with the world. Right? Cause I feel like everybody should have a private podcast. 

Okay, so following up on that, like when you do a private podcast, is it the same type of thing where you have to pay a monthly fee to have it hosted on something like Buzzsprout? 

Or do you deliver it differently? I mean, can you give us some details on that? 

Sure, Thanks. So I actually host my private podcast in Hello Audio.

So they were the first ones to kind of spearhead the private podcasting space. 

In my opinion. I think that they've done a pretty fabulous job and I really love them. 

There's some different ones like Lipson has Lipson Glow. I think that Captivate may have a private option, but essentially the same thing, right? So you set up your rss feed, like you would normally,

You do all the things, normally you have to have your cover art and your description and you pay the fee for posting it, right? To be able to utilize that space in the internet world. 

And then you just launch it like you regularly would. However, it's only available to whomever you want to listen to it. 

And you do that by email. So like I have it like with my quiz, let's just use this for an example. 

So with my quiz, my welcome series, I have it like I use Zapier, your Tomato, Tomato, however. 

So I have a Zap that goes when the results come in, it sends Hello Audio a notification: hey this email got this quiz result.

And it sends them a message saying, Hey let's level up your welcome series or your internet or your quiz results and listen to my private podcast. 

And they can subscribe and it opens up like an Apple or Spotify or whatever podcast platform like you listen to on your device. 


So is your private podcast free and it's just something they have to opt into? Or is it a pay thing? 

So it's free. Essentially what I did was emails are, in my opinion, emails are great, but sometimes I'm a little, oh gosh, I have a lot of emails. 

So I was trying to think of a way to make it easier on listeners so it's completely free.

So they have the option to listen to me talk about the things I talk about in the written email. 

Because I also send the written email too. 

But it's also just another, another way cuz people learn differently too, right? Some people learn better with video, some people learn better with audio. 

That's brilliant. 

Okay, so I just have to comment on that because I just got an email from Neil Patel and if you guys subscribe to him, you probably got it too. And he was talking about a content hub, which I love. 

And I have utilized this concept of a content hub on my website because I sell senior night gifts. So my content hub is all about senior night, Senior night ideas, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Well anyway, back to his email, I was disappointed because a lot of times when he sends emails he'll say, click this link to learn more. And it's usually a YouTube video. 

Yeah. Now YouTube is not necessarily my favorite, but YouTube will play continuously in the background whether or not I'm watching the video or not. Right?

But this time I clicked, I was on my way to school or getting ready to go to school with my son to drop him off and it was a blog.

So I was dang it, no, I can't read this right now.  You know what I mean? 

But I really, really wanna learn about it. I really wanna see what he has to say, but I can't read it. 

And so I love what you're saying because that would've been a perfect opportunity for that to be in an audio format or something so that I could listen to it on the way to drop my son off.

Yeah, I agree. That's actually why I haven't opened many of his emails because it usually goes to a YouTube video and I know myself, I'll end up in a three hour binge of videos that I did not need to go watch. 

Yeah. So I have a question. Are the private podcasts searchable? 

Like this podcast of ours is searchable? 

No, it doesn't show on, It doesn't show up on any platform. You couldn't find it unless you were subscribed. Got it. Which I like. 

Yeah, it's interesting cause getting for from getting found perspective not so great, but from the listener, the email subscriber or the just, the podcast member. Very interesting, Right?

 Cause it's almost  kind of like a way that you could tease, hey, you're privy to this information that nobody else is, right? So consider , you're special. So welcome. 

I like being special sometimes, Right?

We all do. And there's so many things now that don't feel special anymore. Yeah. Because as you grow in online business, you start to realize, oh crap, I'm getting a welcome series. 

I mean, have you ever thought back to a time when you received an email from someone who was a guru or a course creator or something and they sent you an email and you're like replying back to it. 

Like, this is so cool, thanks so much. And then the first time I realized that I was actually sending a reply to a group email was when I got an auto-responder that said, Hey, we've received your email.

And then I felt like such a dork, I was thinking, Oh, I wish I could unsend. But you don't realize that you're a part of this machine.

So there's so few ways now that we can feel special. And so I'm super excited to hear about this because I'm  yes, that does make someone feel special.

I love that. Yeah. I can't remember. Leah, do you, I know you and I were messaging on Instagram this week. 

Do you remember what the idea was that we had for a private podcast? Like, you threw out this idea and I was maybe, I don't know, like you were saying, it was something I should do.

Do you recall? I know that I'm gonna have to go digging.

 Don't mind me. No, I think it was something to do with what you're doing. 

It's fine. You can, we can continue that and then I'll just be searching over here. 

Yeah. In the meantime. Sorry, go ahead. Okay, you're fine. Well you go ahead,

Finish that thought because I was gonna go down a different question line. 

No, you're fine. And I was just gonna say, you can also use Patreon, right? 

And have like that private audio for people who just pay for that Patreon and then you could share like additional tidbits or a deep dive into a topic or something like that. And that's the way that podcasters even podcasters in general could monetize on their, on their podcast. 

Awesome. Yeah, that was gonna be a question I had about monetizing because I was listening to an interview with BuzzSprout. 

They were interviewing someone over in the UK who was just killing it. Top three podcasts, millions of downloads or whatever. And she said she didn't make a dime from her podcast during that time.

And so,  it was before Buzz Sprout had the ads and different things. 

So I was  just shocked, because I was thinking, ooh.  I think there's this, this idea that when you have a podcast you're automatically monetizing. 

So I was curious about your thoughts about how to monetize a podcast.

I will say that don't get into podcasting because you're gonna get rich and do the next Joe Rogan. It doesn't happen for all of us. It doesn't, and it's a long game, right? 

Like podcasting really is a long game. It's building up your content, building up your audience, finding what resonates, really speaking to them and what problems they're having and just kind of figuring out what is best for you, right? 

Like not just your audience, but also for you. So, there's all kinds of ways that you can monetize, with sponsors, with ads, with the Patreon, right? 

You could sell merchandise. Everybody loves a sticker. I love stickers. I would totally buy an SEO sticker. 

So we need stickers. We have a shop. Crystal set up a shop.

 So this is like another side road, another like backend techy thing that she did, right?

 And I'm like,  we need stickers. We need stickers. We need stickers. Yes. Stickers are coming, Stickers are coming. The show notes. I'll put the link there as soon as they're available.

Yes. I love it. I'm so excited. Yeah. 

And just think about different things that you could do. Like if there's any kind of templates you could sell, I don't know, just all kinds of stuff that you would like, small things here and there, right?

Little by little makes the bigger picture even better.

So just kind of throw that out there and think about it. And We've got a couple different things. 

So we have the merch that Crystal so brilliantly dreamed up and like put into action last week, a couple weeks ago. And then she also said  we should do SEO audits. And I was duh, we should, 

So that's inspired by one of the podcasts where we did the SEO audit on the fly where she looked at my website and it wasn't doing so bad and then, oh there was something else. 

Oh, Crystal also set up a really, really, really cool, like buy us a coffee fund thing. Yes. So those are the three things that we've done. What have we done? 

Have we, meaning you, have we done anything else Crystal? 

No, I don't think that's it. We do the merch of the sweatshirts and the mugs and that different stuff. 

So that's really fun, really cute. 

But yeah, I mean I think you're right though at the end of the day, I mean B and I didn't get into this to make money.

No, we got into it to share ideas, , and like to know that we're sharing ideas that people are actually interested in learning about and joining in the conversation with. 

I mean that's awesome. I've talked about it before, when you are an online business owner, it can feel so lonely, right? 

And again, when you get punched in the face with the fact that you've been kind of duped by other online business owners thinking certain things about how it works and then you realize the internal structures, it's just oh, what am I even doing here?

 And it makes you feel small, it makes you feel all sorts of things.

So community is so important. Whether or not you have a business bestie or you just have a safe place where you can go to learn things where people aren't always trying to sell you something, right?

So it's like, hey, if people buy us a coffee, cool. If they buy a sweatshirt, cool. 

Right? But this podcast was created specifically to help people feel connected and learn about how things work.

Go ahead. And I'm so excited. 

I blew up Leah's Instagram yesterday because I was talking about how she pointed out to us when we recorded, or when we had the podcast audit with her, how she was telling us about, which is where people can go to the show notes of this episode or of any episode.

I actually think there's one that doesn't have a link, but don't tell anybody. 

So you can go to the link and it allows you to stay in, like you can continue listening to the podcast. 

I think it's good for Apple and Android. We click this link and you can either text us or each other or you can leave a voice memo to us or to like everyone. 

And so that's another way that we can have this like a community aspect, I think of it at least like a community aspect, even if it's just for that episode. 

It's like another way to continue the conversation. And it's not only good for us to figure out what we can share more of and who we might want to interview or like ideas and things that we need to talk about. 

But it's also cool to learn from you guys and for you to like support each other and, it's just cool. 

I love it. It's just amazing. Yeah. 

So Leah, I have another question for you because, in addition to this podcast that you're starting, I mean your business is all about helping other podcasts. 

So what's your favorite thing about what you do? 

Ooh, my favorite thing would have to be the strategy portion because I used to be a fraud investigator.

I love your story. 

I went from fighting crime to fighting ums and ahhs.

 That's amazing!

Just my little quirkiness there. But the strategy portion, right? 

Because I can strategically help a podcaster look at their podcast holistically, find where there may be gaps and kind of narrow in on those gaps, figure out a way to fix it or elevate it even more or whatever, right?

Just kind of helps it be better. 

Just connecting with people from all walks of life and just being able to help them. 

Because I'm a helper in nature. So not only helping but then being strategic, like I'm living the dream. You really are. 

As corny as that sounds, but it's so true.

I love it. You sound like my twin. I feel like I find a lot of these twins out in the world, introverts who want to help, like connecting like the strategy. Yes, tell us more.

Right? Love it. So do you have an SEO strategy for your business? Like this business of helping podcasters?

I do. So it's very interesting because in my opinion, it seems and it makes sense though, right? 

So Google actually didn't start indexing audio I think until, what was it, 2018 or 19?

 So Google Index is audio? I know I'm over here. Like say what now?

Yeah, so they didn't do this before, right? So SEO wasn't a thing with podcasting and now it is because Google is indexing audio content. 

So, they're including it in the search engine  results page. Yeah. So think about when you are with your podcast, you also have to think about SEO.

So think about how you can utilize the content to market and be strategic about how you do that. 

So some of the things we talked about within your audit, have a blog post for each and every episode because that's written content on your page, right?

 And really optimize that page to have your podcast player on there. 

Have some like a photo or two on there so that you're also doing the backend stuff with your website.

And then Google is loving all the things cuz they're spending lots of time on your page and all that fun stuff, right? 

So then you can also think about what you have, you have that right for your website, but then you wanna really optimize your show itself. 

So the name of your podcast, like your name of your podcast is brilliant because it does everything it should, right? 

Am so excited. 

It checks all the lists. And then the title of your podcast and then you could SEO the title of your episodes, what keywords?  

Now it's not keywords that you think are important, it's keywords that your audience is searching for, right? And there's lots of different ways and programs where you could actually utilize to figure that out.

And then not only your title, but then you can take it a step further. 

Your show description that's within the podcast player, right? So that is different from your show notes and a lot of people don't know that either. 

But your show description is that brief little blurb in Apple podcast, Google, Spotify, wherever. And then just making sure that you're using keywords through that.

That also pulls, another thing is, within your episode, as you're talking naturally those keywords are gonna come out too. Bam. Your audio has that portion of it too. 

And then your metadata, Metadata, sorry, I'll get it out here. But you're, which kinda like your ID three tag.

So within your audio, when you go to edit, whether you're doing it or having someone else do it, they can put all the things in your audio, your title, your show name. 

They can actually put keywords in there that you want to pop up with the audio. They can put the link to your website, your RSS feed, like the dates, I mean all the things are in there. 

And that's really beneficial too because Google now is indexing your audio. So that's good. And then just kind of utilizing any links that you have, put those in the show description, right? 

And on your website blog where you're talking about the episode and ask for reviews because those are helpful too.

It all boils back down to discoverability and really utilizing SEO as you guys know, and how important it is. 

And I need to tell the world, I have so many questions and so many things and I'm sure Crystal does too, who's the first pitch? 

Yes. Okay, I'm gonna toss it out there. Hey, this would be a great time for you to pause and leave us a review, five star.

Thank You. Yes. That wasn't awkward at all. 

I love it. I forgot one thing. I'm so sorry. So, and a lot of people, so sad, I don't like to say this for this specific reason, but it's a great, it's a great benefit. 

So if you don't transcribe your show for the deaf and hard of hearing community, you should because A, hello, let's be inclusive. 

And B, it's great for SEO for your website, right?

 Like, so you're hitting two birds with one stone. 

It's just amazing. It is really great. And actually, Leah did our podcast audit not too long ago, a couple weeks ago.

 And I have a friend who's a blind web designer and we were kind of hemming and hawing about the transcript because we don't wanna put something up that's incorrect and it has errors, but we would like to have something mostly to help people. 

But yes, there is the added benefit of SEO. So we weren't really sure what to do. And I was   what, let me just go ask the source, 

Let me just go ask the person who would actually be impacted by this. And Robbie, my friend in Greensboro, North Carolina, shout out Robbie! 

She said she listens to the show, too. She was saying that it's better to have it up than to not have it up. 

And she said in her experience she hadn't run across many transcripts with errors. We have a mutual friend who has run across the transcripts with errors and she kind of found it annoying.

But it seems like the preference, at least with my small community, is to have the transcript up, even if it has errors in there. 

So just sharing that in case you need to hear that, too. I love that. Thank you for asking that. I'm glad to know that too, just from my perspective. It's great to know. 

Yeah, totally. Because, I mean we can sit here and we can go, I don't know what would be helpful. What about this? What about that? 

But we're not the ones that are really impacted by it. So Yeah. Yeah. I have more questions, Crystal.Where are you at? 

Do you have questions? 

I just wanted to say thanks to Robbie and, yeah, maybe we could even if, if you're listening right now and this impacts you, we'd love to hear your thoughts, so please shoot us an email and let us know how we should do the transcript? 

How would you prefer that the transcript is handled?

In terms of does it matter if it’s a machine automation? Okay, is that enough for you or do you, would you prefer that its word for word, that’s type of thing we really wanna know. 

So, shoot us an email, let us know and we'll definitely share your thoughts as well. But thanks, Robbie!

Yeah, Yeah. And I did ask Robbie to come on and be a guest.

 She's got a lot of life happening right now, but hopefully in the future we'll have her on. So stay tuned for that. 

Okay, back to, I have a couple questions and then we'll wrap up unless they jog some other questions for Crystal. Okay. 

You mentioned programs and keywords for podcasts.

Is there a program that you like or something that maybe we don't know that is specifically for podcasts and keywords? 

So it's probably like any other keyword. I think Google’s keyword planner would be one. Moz’s keyword explorer is another one that we use sometimes. 

And then you could really, literally when you're, when you go into Google and you're, you have your topic in mind, think of questions that your audience may ask. 

How does that rank when you ask that question, that's a great way to figure it out, right? 

Take your topic idea, put it into Google, what does it look like? Are people searching for it? 

Are they searching for a different variation? Because it'll give you different things that you can search for if you start typing and then just kind of base it on that.

And that's what we do a lot too, like as far as content planning and that sort of thing.

Yeah, I love that. 

So it's, it's cool to hear that you're using a lot of the same tools we are and if you need some extra help, if you want to do something like a step above, just a general Google search, if you want some like numbers and volume there.

We like using Ubersuggest, so if you're in Google Chrome, yeah you can have the Ubersuggest free extension and I find that really helpful. 

So like that was my first, I think that was my Gateway SEO tool.

 So Yeah, I literally just found that this week and actually bought it because I name start really using it.

Yeah. So I'm excited to use that. So yes, thank you. 

So good. 

Yeah, Ubersuggest needs to have some merch, like a t-shirt, for all the Uber buddies out there, 

Uber Buddies. Oh my gosh, we have a name. Yeah, you should ask If they have an affiliate link. They don't.

Exactly. I know they don't, they don't, I don't think an Ahrefs definitely doesn't, which is crazy.

But I was thinking, speaking of buddies, like YouTube has Tubebuddy. Yeah. 

Like a keyword finder or something like that. I bought it a long time ago. I never really went into it a whole lot because I went off in a thousand other directions. 

But I'm surprised that there's not one for podcasting, you know what I mean? 

That has something similar to what TubeBuddy offers. 

I mean one day I'm sure they're probably working on it, something similar or there maybe something that I'm just not knowledgeable of at the moment, but I'll do some research and let .

Sweet. And if we find something, we'll add it in the show notes and, and add a link, which makes me think of my final question to you: can you have too many links in your show description, show notes, whatever we're calling them appropriately. 

So in my opinion, I think that having something important, like the ones you really wanna draw attention to in the player, right? 

And then when you have that go back to the website for all the show notes, I would put the rest of the links there that may not be pertinent to the episode or  it's not episode dependent I should say. Right. 

If it's not episode dependent, then definitely, I don't think the links are never, there's never too many links, right? I think Some people may disagree. 

I like that answer. I'm rolling with that one. No, yeah, I'll do it. I have one final question. Okay. So I was listening to ourselves on our podcast yesterday. 

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Yeah, that must be where all of our listens are coming from me and B listened to ourselves like 50 times a day. 

That's your secret, not, yeah. But just really quick, we had talked about whether you should use the Buzz Sprout URL and just Buzz Sprout, whatever they give you or your own domain. 

Do you have any thoughts on that before we go?

I definitely suggest and try to bend the arm of everyone who has a podcast to bring it back to your domain. Whether that be if you have an existing domain that goes along with your business, your podcast is an extension of that, of your marketing or whatnot, add podcasting to your website and then that way you could break down each episode with a blog post and help with SEO that way.

Because when you're utilizing things like Buzzsprout and stuff, if it's not redirecting back to your website. Then Buzzsprout is getting all of that. 

Like, if they don't know that you have a website, they don't know to go back to that. If you don't have it in your show notes, if you don't have a call to action in your audio and in your show links and things like that, then they're not gonna go. 

But definitely, I always love to add it, plaster it, Let the world know you have a podcast. I Love that. And that, I mean, in terms of SEO, if you have it just staying in Buzzsprout, it's not helping you at all. 

But if you're linking from Buzzsprout to your domain, that's helping,

it's giving you a back link, it's giving you added domain authority from using Buzzsprout and from having them attached to you in some way. 

So definitely link back to your domain. All right. Before we kick you out of here, so, so kindly and gently, where can people find you and do you have anything that our listeners can maybe benefit from?

Anything you wanna share? 

Sure. So I am most active on Instagram, but I'm on Instagram and Facebook at Leah Bryant_co underscore co. Facebook,I think it's Leah BrandCo. I really love to share all the knowledge. I definitely love educating people so I don't keep anything secret. 

So I try to share as much as I can on social media.

And then if launching a podcast is on your 20, what year is it gonna be? 2023. What year is it? 

So if that's like something that you're looking at in q4, Q1 and  hey, I really wanna add this to my business ecosystem, or hey, I just wanna do this for the hey of it, then I have a free PDF that you can download and it walks you through step by step of what you could do for your podcast. 

And that's at leah bryant

 And that'll also put you on my newsletter, where I share lots of fun and exciting things about podcasting. I give away so much. 

Yeah, you do. I love it.

It's amazing. I was gonna say, don't forget about the quiz too. What? Oh yeah. You can go to leah and you can find out what type of podcaster you are or would be. 

It's really great. And then you'd have, you'd have the access to my private podcast.

You can hear all about that too. I love it. Thank you so much for being here. 

We'll have to have you back again. But thank you so much for being here and sharing all your knowledge. Well thank you so much for having you. You guys are awesome. 

Keep up the good work. I wanna say you guys are doing awesome because if you weren't, you wouldn't be celebrating 2000 downloads. So you're doing great things. So remember that. Thank you. Proud of you. Thank you. Love y'all. 

Thanks for joining us today. If you like this info, subscribe before you go so you never miss out on something related to seo.

See you next time.