The Simple and Smart SEO Show

This SEO Strategy Got Us to the Top 25% of Podcasts in 2022!

September 09, 2022 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell Season 1 Episode 15
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
This SEO Strategy Got Us to the Top 25% of Podcasts in 2022!
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Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO Show!
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Today we are sharing one of our casual conversations about our favorite topics: SEO & website content strategies!

  • Identify comments within reviews that share a common theme to capitalize on what you do well.
  • Our angle, special sauce, x-factor, etc., comes from all of our past experience, knowledge, and what we see as gaps in the market or opportunities.

Let's talk about Pillar Content!

  • Pillar content posts can range but should start at 1500-2000 words each.
  • A  funnel example goes freebie, pillar content post, paid offer.
  • Pro tip: Content can be placed on Shopify as a page post (not a blog).

What action do you want clients to take?

  • Consider working backwards from your end goal, in order to better understand the steps needed to get there.
  • Taking inspiration from outside of your niche can be helpful in sparking new and innovative ideas.
  • Using language from a "content bank" can help with this process.

Listen in to learn about the three different persona types B created based on where someone is in their business journey.

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(Cont.) This SEO Strategy Got Us to the Top 25% of Podcasts in 2022!