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Hi, I'm Crystal

🎯 Business First, Customer Centered SEO


Hello! I’m Crystal, your passionate host of the Simple and Smart SEO Podcast.

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs with actionable, holistic SEO insights that truly make a difference.


I like to call it "democratizing SEO for small businesses."


Every week, I dive into the latest strategies and tips to help you elevate your online presence and drive real results.


🤩 With a strong focus on putting business first and customers at the center, I bring a unique approach to SEO that blends technical expertise with a deep understanding of what customers need and want.


👉🏽  Apply to join my SEO Squad and become part of a vibrant community where we meet weekly to share knowledge, offer feedback, and support each other’s growth in the ever-evolving world of SEO and branding.

⭐️ I’m also the proud founder of, where creativity and passion come together to create stunning senior photo props that make memories last a lifetime.


Let’s connect, learn, and grow together!

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The Simple and Smart SEO Origin Story

Hi there! I'm Crystal Waddell, a former volleyball coach and PE teacher who used to wrangle middle schoolers and teach special needs physical education. But in 2020, life threw me a curveball—a heart attack.


It was a wake-up call that made me rethink how I wanted to spend my years ahead. Spoiler alert: I chose creativity!


I've always had a knack for crafting, and what started as a side hustle making giant wooden letters and photo collage gifts soon became my passion project.


As I dove deeper into my creative journey, I realized something important: owning your brand beats selling on Amazon or Etsy any day.


I'm all for owning your space and making it truly yours.


Along the way, I also discovered the magic of owned asset optimization. Instead of starting with social media, I believe in beginning with a solid website and letting everything else flow from there.


It’s all about creating a hub that reflects your passion and then sharing it with the world.


To share my knowledge and help others, I started the Simple and Smart SEO Podcast for entrepreneurs.


Each episode is packed with actionable insights and tips on SEO and branding. But I didn't stop there!

I also created the SEO Squad, a small, dedicated group where business owners can implement the amazing optimization advice shared on my podcast.


Now, I'm dedicated to helping fellow business owners build websites they’re passionate about and optimize their online presence.


Let's create something amazing together and take your brand to new heights!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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