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October 27, 2023 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell, Latesha Lynch
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
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Latesha Lynch joined us a while ago on the “regular” segment of The Simple & Smart SEO Show.

She gave SO much in that episode

And yet… we had one more question for her.

That question…

“How can collaborations help grow your business?”

Turns out—collaborations were very much a catalyst for Latesha’s own business growth.

She shares her own story & lists several ideas you could jump on today!

  • Podcast interviews
  • Facebook guest chats
  • Instagram lives

Grab your pen & pencil!

Let us know which collaboration you’re most excited for!

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Brittany Herzberg:

Well hello and welcome to SEO shirts a private podcast by the very same co host of the simple and smart SEO show, Brittany and

Crystal Waddell:

Krystal. Here you can experience way more actionable episodes, beat them as many SEO masterminds. Each week, we'll be walking you through a different tasks that support your SEO strategy,

Brittany Herzberg:

you will learn exactly how to take simple and smart action with step by step walkthroughs. And quick explanations of how your effort will impact your business's search ability.

Crystal Waddell:

And now it's time for this week's SEO short. Well, hey, everybody, welcome back to SEO shorts, your podcast to help you implement something today. And we are with our wonderful guests, Lisa Lynch from the revolutionary SEO podcast. But when we were talking to her on the simple and smart SEO show, we touched briefly on collaboration as a way to expand your network and also grow through organic SEO strategies and techniques or whatever, it just happens. And so I was like, we'd have to talk about this on SEO short. So that's what we're going to talk about. So thank you so much for joining us, again, for this SEO short episode, in addition to our main podcast, so could you just expand on that just real briefly for us, like how collaboration really can help you blow up in your business?

Latesha Lynch:

Oh, it's been everything for my own business. So back in 2020, when I first started, I was thinking about how unknown I am like every account that I saw, they were starting to get over 10,000. Remember, you couldn't get the swipe up feature on Instagram. Like it's there were so many things that I felt like behind and it was working against me. And I remember how I just kept going with my video content. And then I got like my first email and it felt like spam, but I was like, Oh, it was like, Hey, I'd love to have you speak at my Summit. And I was like, This is 2020. So it's Pete COVID. And I'm like, what summit and they're like, yeah, and they start naming the speakers. And it's like people who I admire and I was like, Okay, I didn't think it was real. But it was over the next couple of weeks, he would reach out with all the stuff and then I was in the summit. Well, then after that I launched something. And guess what I booked out my Lodge, and a couple of the people on their application said I was in that summit, and I'm glad I saw you speaking and I was like that's pretty cool. And then suddenly, I would get other speaking opportunities, because they saw me in that. But it's not just summits, I think people hear summits and they're like, well, now I gotta get on some stage. And what if I frayed up stages? No, because I was on this podcast is Dallas traders podcast. And I was so excited about her approached me, she approached me because she saw my video content. Well, then like a few weeks later, a few months later, I was contacted by another person about their big series. And she told me what it was. And she called it the copycat. And she was trying to explain what it was. But I was like, I know exactly what it is. I saw it last year. And I was a part of that was one of the attendees. And she wanted me to be a part of and I was like, What is this? Because all these opportunities are just coming from other opportunities that I had from people who just found me from the internet. It's crazy how amazing it is to get connected to people just from sharing your your knowledge and your expertise.

Brittany Herzberg:

Yeah, I'm actually having that. What's the trickle down effect or whatever, because of a podcast that I was on. And I didn't even like I knew that it could be a benefit. But I really just wanted to get my information out there and help people think differently when not literally that's what I wanted to do. No. And so like things are popping up. And I was like, what really like they listen, they liked what I had to say

Latesha Lynch:

this isn't talking paid guests coaching and people's programs, Facebook communities, Instagram lives. I'm getting on stages. Now. It's just because of something so simple. A podcast interview, someone's Instagram Live can get to a client. It's wonderful.

Crystal Waddell:

So to sum this up for you, as you're listening, and you're thinking, okay, how can I take this away today implement it today? There are several different ways the teacher just talked about it with the speaking and all the things that she just mentioned. Right? A couple of things I wanted to also add because B introduced me to a friend via email. And at first I was kind of like, I'm too busy to have any more people to talk to or whatever, you know, but then I'm just being honest. I'm really

Latesha Lynch:

I'm laughing because I'm laughing because I agree. Yeah. But then

Crystal Waddell:

I told her I was honest with her. I said, Hey, look, I'm kind of busy right now. Can we table this forever? No, I'm just getting to set for like a month. And she said, I totally get it. And would you be interested in doing a lead magnet swap? Or do you know anybody who might be interested in doing a lead magnet swap? Oh, I'd be interested in doing a lead magnet slob. You know, suddenly I'm not busy anymore. You know, when do you want to do this? And so it's just interesting how you can do different things to get in front of other people's audiences in ways that makes sense. So like there's the lead magnet swap they're speaking that summit. If you can swap that podcast slot. Let's say you guest blog on somebody else's website. You know, even if you don't feel like there's a great fit later down the line. You might realize like I did that their domain authority already is higher than your website. Exactly. And so you're getting that backlink back to your website, you know, so don't ever, you know, discard an opportunity because you think it's maybe too small. Remember, SEO is a long game. And every seed that you plant, every collaboration that you create, like he just said, is just going to create more opportunities in the future. So thank you so much for joining.

Latesha Lynch:

It's gonna be awesome.

Brittany Herzberg:

We're totally excited. Oh, and we do of course want to mention the podcast effect to keep this podcast sounding nice and lovely. Thank you ladies if you need any help, find their link in the show notes and tell them that we sent you.

Crystal Waddell:

Yeah, for your very own private podcast.

Brittany Herzberg:

All right, we'll catch you next time. you're well on your way to being the answer to even more Googled questions. Thanks so much for joining us this week.

Crystal Waddell:

Have you noticed them SEO wins since listening to SEO short? We want to know email us at Hello at simple and smart Or share an episode conversation thread