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September 15, 2023 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
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What to do when that blinking cursor of death is staring at you?

Mocking you because you have nothing clever to write for a headline…

Let alone worry about weaving keywords into said headlines.

Listen to this!

No, really—listen to this episode.

You’re going to learn exactly how to write headlines like the pros. 🤓


  • What’s the deal with the different headlines—H1, H2, H3
  • What should a headline do for your reader
  • How to include keywords in your headlines
  • How to smartly weave social proof into headlines
  • The best numbers to include in blog or article headlines
  • Two simple prompts from Brittany to help you start ideating


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Brittany Herzberg:

Well hello and welcome to SEO shirts a private podcast by the very same co host of the simple and smart SEO show, Brittany and Krystal.

Crystal Waddell:

Here you can experience way more actionable episodes, beat them as many SEO masterminds. Each week, we'll be walking you through a different tasks that support your SEO strategy.

Brittany Herzberg:

You will learn exactly how to take simple and smart action with step by step walkthroughs. And quick explanations of how your effort will impact your business's search ability.

Crystal Waddell:

And now it's time for this week's SEO short.

Brittany Herzberg:

Hello, friend. And welcome back to SEO shorts. I am super excited about what we're going to talk about because I just had a thought this morning. I was like, I need to tell my friend about this. We're going to be talking through headlines, like what are some really good headline tips, whether you're a service based provider business owner, or you're an EECOM? Business Owner? Yeah, I'm too excited about headlines. I can't think of other words. Hi, Crystal. Hello. Okay. So you have chess, I'm going to teach you I'm going to teach you things. So for starters, because I'm trying to get better about like starting us back at the beginning headlines, h1, as you know, because we talked about this ad nauseam. Your h1 is like if you go to a web page, it's the giant text that you typically see at the top, it's bold, it's big, it's in your face. That is really important for your SEO performance, your domain authority, all of that jazz. And it's definitely a place that you want to include some keywords. As you go down the page, you have H twos and H threes. Those are also important. And then you go into even like h four, five and six. So H 123 is like I would say the most important Would you agree with that? h1? Yeah, h one for sure. But like H two and three, also kind of having some weight in there?

Crystal Waddell:

Well, yeah, especially as we talked in our main podcast about making sure there's keywords in there, I can share really quick how I do it in Shopify, like it's h2 and h3 is, sometimes it can help break up that product description and make it look a little bit more fun. So sometimes that first sentence, in the product description, I will make an h2. And then I like to put like a blockquote in there to give a little bit more context. And then if I have something else underneath that, I will put a keyword in an h3. But that just makes it more visually interesting, you know, based on the fonts and stuff that you have. But then it also really emphasizes the keywords and the keyword variations that you want for your product. So that's one way that I try to utilize those.

Brittany Herzberg:

Yeah, I love that. And I will say I'm sure I've shared this before, but I used to love the h1 so much. I was like he looks so pretty that that row on a page. Yeah, be like Britney, because every page only has one h1 And you're not using the headlines in a way that's just like, oh, this is pretty. You're using it strategically, just like what Chris was saying. So you've got the h1 at the top, and then you have an h2 and then you have an h3 and then she's talked about surfer. And maybe you want to hit on that again. You kind of use them to break up the ideas throughout the page.

Crystal Waddell:

Yeah, absolutely. One thing I would also add about, you know, for e commerce with the titles, and the H ones is that usually a title is supposed to be like 50 to 60 characters. And with E commerce, a lot of times we want to do like red t shirt, you know, that's not 50 or 60 characters. So one way to really make that more interesting. And I learned this from page five, I definitely want to give them credit for this is you know, put your keyword or your product name, however you look at it first in your title, and then add in some sort of customer feedback, testimonial review, whatever, something in quotes because people trust other people's words. And so if you can say a red t shirt, it's the softest t shirt I've ever owned, you know, someone said that, you can put that in the title. And you know, not only is that going to get more attention, just enter a search results page because you see somebody with exclamation points in their search engine results title. Yeah, that's gonna catch your attention. Because that you know, you don't see that too often. But then you also get an emotion from that. It's like, whoa, this person is excited. Now I'm feeling excited about this thing that I'm looking at. And, you know, it just really creates a connection with your product and the person that's reading it, it's a really easy way to you know, incorporate your clients words. The last thing I'll say about it is for those of us who are handmade sellers or sell on a platform that we don't own, like whether it's eBay or Amazon or Etsy or whatever, this is a way for you to take back control of the reviews that you've gotten, you know, and really get credit for them. So don't be afraid to go back and just kind of look through the reviews of what people have said about your product and then use those words in the actual product title and just check out your conversions and watch them go up.

Brittany Herzberg:

I thought that was such a brilliant tip and I'm glad that you share that because it was like oh my gosh, like Why has no one else ever talked about this? Although you said you learned it from page five. So, yeah, really brilliant. And if you're interested in stats on that, I think the survey was done years ago. So it's probably higher than this. But the stat that everyone references is about 80% of online shoppers trust reviews and testimonials equal to that of like a recommendation from a friend or family member, so it matters. And if you can put it in your headline, like Crystal saying your clients words, they're gonna say stuff better than we could ever think to say so. So love that use of testimonials. If you're curious about how to create these headlines, this question has come up, like so many times in my DMs and inbox through this week. And this is actually what inspired this episode. So many people have been like, how do you create headlines like what do you think of when you're creating headlines? So I have found, if I'm really stuck, what I usually do is I'll say like, what is the problem that someone is having that they want help with? Sometimes it's not even a problem. It's a desire. So like going to the red t shirt, they might just want or a t shirt, they don't have a problem. Like, maybe they're red t shirt got shredded in the dryer, I don't know, maybe like they had to clean the dog off with it. So think of the problem or desire, and then write about that, or think about the transformation that they want. So those are two things. It's kind of like the beginning like where they're at now. Or it's like the end, like, where do they want to be those two ideas really helped me create some of the best headlines? Yeah,

Crystal Waddell:

absolutely. One last thing with headlines just from over the years working with Pinterest and different things, numbers work in headlines. Yeah. Especially odd numbers. I can't cite the source of this one. But odd numbers for some reason, like a lot of times outperform even numbers. And then if you have like an article from 2020, you know, go in and update it with the current year. Yeah. You know, and then, you know, let's be a good citizen here and update the article, too, you know, but people also want to see the most recent information. I mean, I know when I look and I search for something, I might look, I don't want anything from 2019. No, I want to hear what's going on in 2023. So that's that, two more little tips for you as well.

Brittany Herzberg:

I love that. Okay, so there you go. You have your mission, go write some headlines, share them with us. Or even if you have other tips on like how you create your headlines, if anything is work, share it with us, we've got the chat thread. And then of course, before we leave, we just want to thank Leah and mercy of the podcast effect. Thank you for making it sound so lovely. If you are interested in creating your own private podcast Krystal has mentioned before, and I thought it was so sweet. I had them helped me with my case study training private podcast. So what they've done was awesome. Yeah, thank you. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Crystal Waddell:

Yeah, it made me want to have a private podcast, but I was just like, we have one. Yeah, that's true. Nevermind. I need another one. What am I talking about? No. Surprise. Okay.

Brittany Herzberg:

Okay, on that ridiculous note, we will talk to you next week, friends. Bye. you're well on your way to being the answer to even more Googled questions.

Crystal Waddell:

Thanks so much for joining us this week. Have you noticed some SEO wins since listening to SEO short? We want to know email us at Hello at simple and smart Or share an episode conversation thread