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SEO Strategies For Your Website to Attract "Golden Clients"

July 26, 2023 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell Season 2 Episode 62
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
SEO Strategies For Your Website to Attract "Golden Clients"
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Today Brittany (aka B) walks us through rewriting her website and updating her SEO strategy.

B shared her two-year process of refining her website.

  • This involved understanding her ideal client, their budget, and prevalent problems. 
  • To find more information, she performed voice of customer (VOC) interviews.

B noted her increased visibility indicating her SEO expertise.

  • B updated her website messaging. 
  • She overhauled her offer suite, 
  • Performed keyword research, and 
  • Created new SEO strategies for specific pages.

B has a step by step process for creating SEO strategies.

  • B outlines each page before writing the first draft. 
  • Consider the overall flow and story for each page. 
  • B weaves SEO, storytelling, and social proof into her work.

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B and Crystal shared ways of using social proof on your website:

  • Testimonials and statistics,  organized for easy reference during writing tasks.
  • B & Crystal both stressed the strategic use of customer reviews, testimonials, and statistics 
  • Crystal suggested using customer reviews and testimonials in product descriptions to increase relatability and trust (social proof).
  • Crystal also emphasized using customer quotes to enhance customer experience.
  • Brittany shared that 92% of consumers read reviews and testimonials before buying a product.

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Brittany Herzberg: [00:00:00] Okay, so today I'm going to walk you. 

Brittany Herzberg: You, Crystal and you anyone listening. 

Brittany Herzberg: Through the website rewrite that I just did. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which I'm really excited to share about. 

Brittany Herzberg: I wrote down all my notes. I have things I feel organized.

Brittany Herzberg: I actually wrote I think it was on linkedin this morning. 

Brittany Herzberg: I wrote a post about. 

Brittany Herzberg: How long it took two years pretty much since the time I wrote my initial website. 

Brittany Herzberg: I was like It was always ebbing and flowing. And always evolving and. 

Brittany Herzberg: It took so long because I was like, okay. 

Brittany Herzberg: I need to get to a point where I know these things and these are the things I'm going to walk you through. 

Brittany Herzberg: But these things are updated and new and like where I really want to focus all of my energy.

Brittany Herzberg: So. 

Crystal Waddell: It's like that thing that you say. What you do, who you help, that type of thing. You,

Brittany Herzberg: yeah. Bingo.. 

Crystal Waddell: Okay. 

Crystal Waddell: Because I think. 

Crystal Waddell: Probably what you're saying is over the years, your offers have changed so much. 

Crystal Waddell: You found your niche. 

Crystal Waddell: Where you really shine helping people.

Crystal Waddell: [00:01:00] So I'm excited to hear all about it. Yeah. 

Crystal Waddell: And that was my first question. 

Crystal Waddell: My first question was gonna be like, why did it take two years? But I get it. I totally get it. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah. 

Brittany Herzberg: And it's that's a little bit of an exaggeration because I had website copy. It was functioning. But if you've ever talked to a business owner, you know that we're always like not happy with what's out there.

Crystal Waddell: And the other thing I know about you is that you've been so busy. 

Crystal Waddell: Our businesses are different. I'm always like tweaking e commerce stuff. 

Crystal Waddell: Adding new products. 

Crystal Waddell: Messing around with that type of thing. 

Crystal Waddell: But you're doing actual client work for other people that has deadlines.

Crystal Waddell: And so it's like people who do client work understand this. 

Crystal Waddell: That a lot of times your own website. 

Crystal Waddell: And your own stuff. Gets the attention last. 

Crystal Waddell: So I do want to say, I understand that. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah. 

Brittany Herzberg: And you hit the nail on the head when you were saying like, the offers are evolving. The clients are evolving. So yeah.

Brittany Herzberg: If you're in that place and you're listening to this. 

Brittany Herzberg: And you're like, Oh, I could totally resonate. You're not alone. And it doesn't [00:02:00] have to take two years. 

Crystal Waddell: I have to ask you that very important question. How do you define SEO? 

Brittany Herzberg: Oh, I think we all know this.

Brittany Herzberg: This is cute. 

Brittany Herzberg: SEO is how you show up as the answer to a Googled question. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I love that is my line.

Brittany Herzberg: And it's really funny when people listen to the show. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then they come back in in my DMs or in emails or something. 

Brittany Herzberg: And they're like, I say that now. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I think it's really cool. 

Crystal Waddell: Yeah, I know.

Crystal Waddell: That's a fun little saying. It's easy to say. It's easy to understand. And it's exactly spot on. 

Brittany Herzberg: I tried really hard. I can't do a hair toss because my hair's in a bun. 

Brittany Herzberg: But okay. So I was really thinking about okay, 

Brittany Herzberg: when I started rewriting my site, where did I begin? So I gave myself this like exercise this morning. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I really started, when I was updating my voice of customer, voice of client interviews. 

Brittany Herzberg: So doing that market research, which I tell people all the time and especially when we're talking on the podcast. 

Brittany Herzberg: I'm like, talk to your people. Talk to your people. 

Brittany Herzberg: But I hadn't been talking to the right people. 

Brittany Herzberg: And that was one of the things that [00:03:00] was unfolding over the last nine months, I would say. 

Brittany Herzberg: If I like am serious about the timeline there.

Brittany Herzberg: So over the last nine months, I Was figuring out characteristics of my ideal client. 

Brittany Herzberg: And who that person was. 

Brittany Herzberg: And the budget that they had. 

Brittany Herzberg: And what their business looked like. 

Brittany Herzberg: And what their problems were. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I did Celie's roadmaps program. 

Brittany Herzberg: And we had her on the show recently. 

Brittany Herzberg: One of the first exercises is all about voice of customer.

Brittany Herzberg: So I think I did 11 or 12 of those and I organized that. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then that allowed me to update my messaging. 

Crystal Waddell: Okay. So I definitely don't want to interrupt your train of thought. 

Crystal Waddell: I do apologize. But I was just curious. 

Crystal Waddell: You were like, I wasn't reaching the right customer. And I was wondering if there was some sort of indicator?

Crystal Waddell: How did you identify and recognize that you weren't reaching the person that you wanted to reach? 

Brittany Herzberg: That's a good question. 

Brittany Herzberg: I don't think it was necessarily that I wasn't reaching them because I was pulling in the right people. 

Brittany Herzberg: I wanted to figure out how to pull in more of those people.

Brittany Herzberg: I was very aware of some of the projects that [00:04:00] were super draining on me. 

Brittany Herzberg: Energetically and time wise. 

Brittany Herzberg: My pricing needed to change. 

Brittany Herzberg: Because there were some things that were happening and I was honestly a little bit resentful. 

Brittany Herzberg: It didn't happen often, but it was happening often enough where I was like.

Brittany Herzberg: This has got to be tweaked. 

Brittany Herzberg: So it was more about like, how do I find more of you? Like you, this golden client that I want more of. 

Brittany Herzberg: That's a good question. 

Crystal Waddell: Yeah. I like how you called it the golden client. 

Crystal Waddell: I can reflect back on e commerce, in that feeling of resentfulness. 

Crystal Waddell: That has been my measure as well. 

Crystal Waddell: When I start feeling like this.

Crystal Waddell: Effort isn't matching up with the amount that I'm actually getting compensated for it. 

Crystal Waddell: Or I'm just overwhelmed. 

Crystal Waddell: This is the time where I have to reevaluate my pricing. 

Crystal Waddell: And raise the pricing. So I definitely get that. 

Crystal Waddell: And I think a lot of people probably wonder, how do you quantify that something needs to change?

Brittany Herzberg: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm that is a good point.

Brittany Herzberg: I've had other people say this. So, it's weird for me to say and that's why I'm hesitating.

Brittany Herzberg: But I've had other people tell me that I'm more aware than other people are.

Brittany Herzberg: So I'm almost [00:05:00] like, too aware of myself. 

Brittany Herzberg: And what's going on. 

Brittany Herzberg: It's a blessing and a curse. 

Brittany Herzberg: So yeah, that's just it comes naturally to me. 

Brittany Herzberg: But you're totally right that it doesn't come naturally to other people. 

Brittany Herzberg: And even though I'm aware, it still takes some time. 

Brittany Herzberg: To be like, Okay, I feel weird.

Brittany Herzberg: But what is it? Where is it coming from? What do I need to change? 

Brittany Herzberg: So I like that. I like that point of clarification. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I did the voice of customer interviews. 

Brittany Herzberg: Got that information. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I use that to update my messaging. 

Brittany Herzberg: And for me, when I think about messaging, those questions you were pointing out those three questions are what I ask everybody.

Brittany Herzberg: And I feel like they inform not only your messaging. 

Brittany Herzberg: But also your SEO. So those three questions just to repeat. 

Brittany Herzberg: It's who do you help? 

Brittany Herzberg: So that's your ideal client, those characteristics. 

Brittany Herzberg: How do you help them? 

Brittany Herzberg: Those are your offers. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then what do you want to be known for? 

Brittany Herzberg: And I love asking those three questions. 

Brittany Herzberg: Because it really does drill to just like the heart of the matter.

Brittany Herzberg: And it's okay, these are my answers. 

Brittany Herzberg: You can use that for your messaging. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then you can use that for step four.

Brittany Herzberg: Was to actually do the [00:06:00] keyword research. 

Brittany Herzberg: And create the new SEO strategies for the pages that I updated. 

Brittany Herzberg: It wasn't everything it was home about in services.

Brittany Herzberg: So I use that to, to do the new keyword research and to create those strategy pages. 

Crystal Waddell: Do you remember the day when you would ask yourself like who I help?

Crystal Waddell: And the answer was I'll help anyone! And I'll help everyone! 

Brittany Herzberg: I wasn't so much like that. I was really weird. 

Brittany Herzberg: Like, this is one of my strange awareness things.

Brittany Herzberg: And I think it was I credit it to being because I came from a world where I had a I had my massage business. 

Brittany Herzberg: I had already been in business.

Brittany Herzberg: So I knew the importance of having a niche. 

Brittany Herzberg: And not just helping everyone. 

Brittany Herzberg: And so when I became a copywriter. 

Brittany Herzberg: You can niche in different ways. 

Brittany Herzberg: But I knew that I wanted to help health and wellness providers. 

Brittany Herzberg: That's one of the things that expanded. 

Brittany Herzberg: And now I help service providers.

Brittany Herzberg: I knew who I wanted to help.

Brittany Herzberg: I didn't necessarily know how I wanted to help them though. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I was taking on any copywriting project that came my way. 

Brittany Herzberg: If I got excited about it. 

Brittany Herzberg: I was like, Ooh, let's try this out. 

Brittany Herzberg: So that's where I was a [00:07:00] little bit more open. 

Crystal Waddell: Yeah. I think that's a good thing though. 

Crystal Waddell: Saying, Hey, are you excited about it?

Crystal Waddell: That's probably a good job for you if you don't understand who exactly you want to help. 

Crystal Waddell: My cousin is starting his own lawn service.

Crystal Waddell: And that was the first question I asked him. I was like who do you want to help? 

Crystal Waddell: Who's your ideal client?

Crystal Waddell: Everybody. I was like, okay, we got to back this up. 

Crystal Waddell: And I just think that's how so many business owners start out. 

Crystal Waddell: So I think this is such a great point of clarification. 

Crystal Waddell: Instead of saying, I want to help everybody. 

Crystal Waddell: You can pick somebody, pick a golden client. Create a golden client. 

Crystal Waddell: Or identify a golden client. 

Crystal Waddell: That makes it a lot easier to build your offers.

Brittany Herzberg: I would say yes, I would say firm yes to that. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I like to, something else I like to offer people is that you're not married to that niche or that ideal client or even that product. 

Brittany Herzberg: So, you're just dating it.

Brittany Herzberg: So it's okay, I'm gonna clean this for a little while. 

Brittany Herzberg: If you're the kind of person that needs to or likes to put a time limit on it Say. 

Brittany Herzberg: Okay I'm gonna try this for I would say at least give it like three months to let it really pan out. And see if you Like it or not.

Brittany Herzberg: But yeah, you could [00:08:00] do that. 

Brittany Herzberg: You could just say i'm gonna try this for a while until it doesn't feel good or until it evolves or whatever. 

Brittany Herzberg: But i'm curious like with you. 

Brittany Herzberg: First of all, tell us like who it is that you like helping. 

Brittany Herzberg: And how did you arrive at that?

Crystal Waddell: Gosh I like helping everybody. No, I'm just kidding. 

Crystal Waddell: I like helping Shopify store owners. 

Crystal Waddell: The specific niche within that is handmade shopify store owners. 

Crystal Waddell: Any seller that's making the transition from selling on Etsy. 

Crystal Waddell: To also building their own online presence. 

Crystal Waddell: So that's my specialty.

Crystal Waddell: And the reason why I arrived there is because that's what I do. 

Crystal Waddell: And so what I realized through the process. 

Crystal Waddell: Is every question that I've had, other people also have. 

Crystal Waddell: I'm also one of those learners that, I want to know exactly how it works. 

Crystal Waddell: And why it works the way it does.

Crystal Waddell: I ask a lot of questions that some people don't even know to ask. 

Crystal Waddell: I don't know how many times I've had somebody tell me, I didn't even know what an H1 was. 

Crystal Waddell: And especially in the case of Shopify. 

Crystal Waddell: I [00:09:00] didn't even know where to find that meta description to change it. 

Crystal Waddell: Or the impact of duplicating a page. 

Crystal Waddell: And what impact that had.

Crystal Waddell: That's who I serve, and I can serve the best. 

Crystal Waddell: But, I do have other people that come in. 

Crystal Waddell: Even though I'm talking to Shopify store owners. 

Crystal Waddell: Realtors have reached out to me. 

Crystal Waddell: Photographers, that's been another big source of clientele. 

Crystal Waddell: But yeah, my sweet spot is that Etsy handmade seller that's trying to build their Shopify store.

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah, and I have noticed that a lot of us.

Brittany Herzberg: Even just like working with my clients, a lot of us business owners end up helping earlier versions of us. 

Brittany Herzberg: Because we have these answers now. 

Brittany Herzberg: And we're like, somebody else needs this. 

Brittany Herzberg: Just like what you said. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah, I think that's pretty typical and common.

Brittany Herzberg: And if you're listening and you're starting out, it's a really easy place to start. 

Crystal Waddell: You said voice of customer. 

Crystal Waddell: Can we revisit that really quick? That to me sounds internal lingo or whatever.

Brittany Herzberg: Coach speak? 

Crystal Waddell: What is it? [00:10:00] How do you do it? How do you use it? Why is it important? 

Brittany Herzberg: So we could do a whole like spin off episode on that. 

Brittany Herzberg: That's an idea. 

Brittany Herzberg: I'll keep it a little bit higher level. 

Brittany Herzberg: So, voice of customers you're just wanting to ask your people some questions. 

Brittany Herzberg: And get answers from them.

Brittany Herzberg: You want to learn what their language is. 

Brittany Herzberg: And with, especially with SEO. 

Brittany Herzberg: We've talked about this before. 

Brittany Herzberg: You and I may say something a certain way about SEO. 

Brittany Herzberg: But the people that we want to reach and that we want to help are going to say it differently. 

Brittany Herzberg: So how are they describing it? How are they saying it?

Brittany Herzberg: Even just this morning, I made a post. 

Brittany Herzberg: One of my clients was like, with seo, we're just trying to figure out what people are looking for online, right? 

Brittany Herzberg: I was like, bingo. 

Brittany Herzberg: That is where we are starting, exactly. 

Brittany Herzberg: So when you go and talk to your clients and you can do that in a variety of ways. 

Brittany Herzberg: I have written emails to people. 

Brittany Herzberg: I have sent out surveys.

Brittany Herzberg: I have texted just like one question. 

Brittany Herzberg: Or i'll do like voxer messages. 

Brittany Herzberg: You can also get on zoom or google meet or something like that and do a quick face to face. 

Brittany Herzberg: Really you're trying to [00:11:00] get at, what were you, where were you stuck? 

Brittany Herzberg: What help did you need? 

Brittany Herzberg: Why did you decide to work with me?

Brittany Herzberg: If you catch them early enough in the process, which I like to do. 

Brittany Herzberg: I like to just weave this into natural client journey, working with them kind of thing. 

Brittany Herzberg: I want to know what they typed in. 

Brittany Herzberg: If they can remember it. 

Brittany Herzberg: And so if you catch them early enough in the process, you'll actually figure out. 

Brittany Herzberg: I typed blah, blah, blah into the Google search.

Brittany Herzberg: So yeah, you're trying to figure out all of that stuff. 

Brittany Herzberg: Along with, toward the end of the process. 

Brittany Herzberg: One of the fill in the blank questions I asked my people a lot is before working with Brittany, I didn't have, or I didn't know. 

Brittany Herzberg: Fill in the blank. 

Brittany Herzberg: And you get some really good answers that way.

Crystal Waddell: What I'm thinking and how I apply it to e commerce is, especially if you are the person that interacts with customer messages. 

Crystal Waddell: Somebody sends a message on Etsy. 

Crystal Waddell: Or somebody sends a message through chat on a website. 

Crystal Waddell: You can start incorporating voice of customer at that point. 

Crystal Waddell: Because you can just say, Hey, how did you find me?

Crystal Waddell: Remember I told you just last week? 

Crystal Waddell: There [00:12:00] was the lady that lives in Maryland. 

Crystal Waddell: But was in France and she needed wooden letters and or wooden numbers. 

Crystal Waddell: And so I said, Oh yeah, how'd you find me?

Crystal Waddell: And she said, I just Googled, wooden numbers that stand.

Crystal Waddell: And I was just like, this is great. And so I can write that down. 

Crystal Waddell: And now that's another thing that needs to go on my website. 

Crystal Waddell: So that it aligns that much better with what people are searching for. 

Crystal Waddell: But that's just a really easy way to incorporate that process. 

Crystal Waddell: Especially for people who talk to their customers early on.

Brittany Herzberg: You can even build that into if you have some kind of like auto responder thing.

Brittany Herzberg: You can even build that into it. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I have it actually as part of my yeah. 

Brittany Herzberg: Just make it easy for yourself. 

Brittany Herzberg: Two things I want to say, before I forget before they fly out of my head. 

Brittany Herzberg: But you can add that. 

Brittany Herzberg: I have it on my inquiry form. How did you find me? Or how did you hear about me? 

Brittany Herzberg: But the scenario I wanted to call attention to. 

Brittany Herzberg: I remember you had that lady in France. I also had someone, it was a hidden message on Instagram DMs.

Brittany Herzberg: And she asked me about [00:13:00] Podcast show notes. 

Brittany Herzberg: She's oh, would you write podcast show notes because i'm looking for someone to do that who has some seo skills. 

Brittany Herzberg: I was like yeah that totally fits under my umbrella and I had just had a conversation earlier in the week with somebody else. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I was already adding that in as a service and I was like, this is cool. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I asked her, I was like how did you find me?

Brittany Herzberg: And she's oh I just typed something in instagram like search in the search bar. And you showed up. 

Brittany Herzberg: And that was proof for her that I know what I'm doing. Because I showed up in her search.

Brittany Herzberg: But it was really cool. 

Brittany Herzberg: So that's neat when you have stuff like that actually happens like you with the lady in France and me with the lady on Instagram.

Brittany Herzberg: Like it was really cool. 

Crystal Waddell: Yeah. Wow. I think we know what we're talking about. That's neat. 

Brittany Herzberg: Okay. Voice of customer. 

Brittany Herzberg: Updated my messaging. 

Brittany Herzberg: I overhauled my offer suite and then I did keyword research. 

Brittany Herzberg: Updated the SEO strategy for, like I said, those three pages: home, about, and services. 

Brittany Herzberg: From there, my copywriter hat went on. 

Brittany Herzberg: More so than my SEO strategy hat. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I outlined each page. 

Brittany Herzberg: So when I do that, I want to have some idea of what's the flow of the [00:14:00] page going to be like? 

Brittany Herzberg: And I noted, what big story did I want to tell? 

Brittany Herzberg: Or did I want to weave into the page? 

Brittany Herzberg: Because for me, it's, it comes back to, and I told you this before we started recording, it comes back to SEO, storytelling, and social proof.

Brittany Herzberg: And I feel like those are my three. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I made a point to write down what big story I wanted to hint at. 

Brittany Herzberg: Or to actually uncover on each page. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then after I outlined, I wrote the first draft of each of these pages. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I took it one by one. 

Brittany Herzberg: I think I actually did home first. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I believe I did about. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I did services. 

Brittany Herzberg: And you can -just like, side note- You can structure your services pages in a variety of ways. 

Brittany Herzberg: .The thing that kept standing out to me was that I wanted one main services page. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I wanted it to pop over to each of the services. 

Brittany Herzberg: Where I could describe in more detail what the process was like. 

Brittany Herzberg: What the person actually gets. 

Brittany Herzberg: The timeline, the pricing, all of that stuff.

Brittany Herzberg: Any thoughts? 

Crystal Waddell: Really neat. I like how you, created that [00:15:00] main services page. 

Crystal Waddell: And then gave it, arms to reach out. 

Crystal Waddell: It's tough to describe multiple things on one page, without 

Brittany Herzberg: feeling cluttered, right?

Crystal Waddell: And without people getting confused. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I wrote the first draft. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I, from there, once I had written stuff. 

Brittany Herzberg: I sifted through my social proof. 

Brittany Herzberg: So testimonials, and even statistics. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I figured out where I wanted to insert those. 

Brittany Herzberg: Because I like using statistics and social proof. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which actually, statistics are a piece of social proof to support points in the copy. 

Brittany Herzberg: One of the weirdest places to put social proof is when you're introducing yourself. 

Brittany Herzberg: Because it's so weird to be like, and Brittany is amazing. 

Brittany Herzberg: And yet I found a testimonial that said that.

Brittany Herzberg: And I put it there. 

Brittany Herzberg: It helps to have your social proof and testimonials and things like that organized. 

Brittany Herzberg: So that when you're rewriting things or when you're writing a blog or when you're coming up with a social post, it's easy to just insert that stuff.

Brittany Herzberg: But yeah, I inserted all of that and I'm happy with how it turned out. 

Crystal Waddell: I totally get what you're saying. 

Crystal Waddell: How it's awkward to speak in the third person of [00:16:00] yourself.

Crystal Waddell: But that's a strategy in e commerce that is very powerful. 

Crystal Waddell: And I learned this about a year ago. 

Crystal Waddell: I really feel like it's transformed our conversion rates. 

Crystal Waddell: Because instead of just saying, hey, this is the product. 

Crystal Waddell: The product name, red t shirt. 

Crystal Waddell: When you put somebody's quotation next to that product. 

Crystal Waddell: And they're talking about how soft it is. 

Crystal Waddell: Or, how it's their favorite shirt. 

Crystal Waddell: Or how they never want to take it off.

Crystal Waddell: I even heard somebody on an ad today, it was a man's t shirt. 

Crystal Waddell: About how his girlfriend always wanted to wear it or whatever. 

Crystal Waddell: Those are the types of things that get people's attention. 

Crystal Waddell: And they insert themselves into that story, into that quotation.

Crystal Waddell: And so it's really important. 

Crystal Waddell: So I would say, yes, absolutely. 

Crystal Waddell: If you have, particularly in the form of quotes from customers. 

Crystal Waddell: No matter what your business is. 

Crystal Waddell: Whether it's service or e commerce. 

Crystal Waddell: That's such a powerful way to invite people into the experience.

Brittany Herzberg: Yes, a hundred percent to what you said. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I thought that was such a smart way to include social proof. 

Brittany Herzberg: When you told me that, just including it in the headline. 

Brittany Herzberg: I was like, Oh my gosh, [00:17:00] that's brilliant. 

Brittany Herzberg: So that was wonderful. 

Brittany Herzberg: But the other thing I wanted to point out is that in some of the conversations that I had. 

Brittany Herzberg: Cause I had a really slow Q2. Like really incredibly slow, painfully slow. 

Brittany Herzberg: And that was largely why I had the time to go ahead and rewrite my website. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I was trying to find a silver lining and a couple of the conversations people were like. 

Brittany Herzberg: Insert those statistics. 

Brittany Herzberg: Because people are going to pay for what they need right now in this financial climate. 

Brittany Herzberg: More so than just like those nice to have things like case studies. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which is why I was like, okay. 

Brittany Herzberg: I have this massive umbrella all my offers are going to fall under that. 

Brittany Herzberg: There were a couple of really powerful statistics that I found. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I was like, I need to put this on here somewhere. 

Brittany Herzberg: So there's 3. 5 billion searches happening on Google each day. 

Brittany Herzberg: That was one thing that I was just like, whoa.

Brittany Herzberg: And then. 

Brittany Herzberg: 92% of consumers read reviews and testimonials before they buy. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I even went through to find such detailed stats as like how many reviews they need to read on average before they'll buy. 

Brittany Herzberg: So stuff [00:18:00] like that. 

Brittany Herzberg: If you have a service or if you have a product. 

Brittany Herzberg: What is the need that you help people with?

Brittany Herzberg: Not even just like the want or the nice to have. 

Brittany Herzberg: But what is that need that you help them with? 

Brittany Herzberg: That was like a game changer for me. 

Brittany Herzberg: So yeah, in short, inserted the social proof and statistics.

Brittany Herzberg: Had a couple of people read over it, just to proofread it. 

Brittany Herzberg: And give me any feedback, which I took to modify the copy. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I uploaded and enabled the pages.

Brittany Herzberg: I wanted to share the timeline. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yes, it took me. If I'm being a little bit dramatic about it. Like two years. 

Brittany Herzberg: I've had this project on my to do list. 

Brittany Herzberg: But it took me two months to do the voice of customer, like market research. 

Brittany Herzberg: Where I was going around and honestly, intentionally, but casually asking people these questions. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which is why it took about two months.

Brittany Herzberg: And then I wrote an outline and did all of that stuff in one weekend. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then it took me about a week to have people proofread it. 

Brittany Herzberg: And actually put it on my website. 

Brittany Herzberg: If you're wondering, like, how long it might take you if you're listening. 

Brittany Herzberg: That, that was what it took for me.

Crystal Waddell: Super helpful. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah. I'm here to help.[00:19:00] 

Crystal Waddell: What are your new offers then? 

Crystal Waddell: Take us through what that looks like. 

Brittany Herzberg: Like I said, SEO is like the big umbrella. 

Brittany Herzberg: And all of these things fall under SEO copywriting. 

Brittany Herzberg: SEO marketing. 

Brittany Herzberg: That kind of thing. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I've got the SEO packet. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which is keyword research and SEO strategy for five website pages or five blog posts.

Brittany Herzberg: I have several different web copywriting situations I can write sales pages. 

Brittany Herzberg: A one page website, an opt in page. I've got the case study copywriting. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which, it's pretty self explanatory. 

Brittany Herzberg: But usually my clients come to me with a video or audio interview already done. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then I just turn that into a story that has SEO in it. 

Brittany Herzberg: So it's findable. 

Brittany Herzberg: It's a marketing piece that has legs. 

Brittany Herzberg: And you can repurpose it and you can use it for launches. 

Brittany Herzberg: Or you can use it for push periods. 

Brittany Herzberg: Or you can just have it on your website as a door that people can come in.

Brittany Herzberg: It's pretty magical. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then the last two things I've got are... 

Brittany Herzberg: I used to have power hours and I [00:20:00] realized that it's never just the hour that I spend with people. 

Brittany Herzberg: It's more like a week long process. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I've started calling them copy and content intensives. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then the last one, like I said, was the podcast show notes, which I'm really excited.

Brittany Herzberg: I'm doing trial ones. 

Brittany Herzberg: I started doing trial ones last week. 

Brittany Herzberg: So I've got a couple of those on deck. 

Brittany Herzberg: You had such a neat way to organize your offers that you just shared with me. 

Brittany Herzberg: And I want to talk through that a little bit. 

Brittany Herzberg: So you said everybody comes in through the same door. 

Crystal Waddell: Yes. Okay.

Crystal Waddell: Because I remember that one episode where you're like. 

Crystal Waddell: Yeah, SEO is the way that people come through the doors and windows of your house.

Crystal Waddell: And I really felt like in this world, I'm like looking behind me going, dude, how'd you get here? 

Crystal Waddell: Yeah. So I was like, okay, I got to lock some windows. 

Crystal Waddell: And, funnel people through the front door. 

Crystal Waddell: And part of the reason behind this is because I'm still an e commerce seller. 

Crystal Waddell: My e commerce business ebbs and flows with the quarters.

Crystal Waddell: Sometimes it's just insanely busy. So I cannot [00:21:00] commit super long term to people at certain times of the year. 

Crystal Waddell: And so I thought, okay. 

Crystal Waddell: How can I best serve them so that they are, getting like max value in the shortest period of time. 

Crystal Waddell: As we started offering those technical audits, here through the podcast. 

Crystal Waddell: I realized, this is just such a powerful way to assess someone's business. 

Crystal Waddell: Not just for SEO. 

Crystal Waddell: But also the other elements. 

Crystal Waddell: Your technical SEO is the foundation of your website. 

Crystal Waddell: Once you get that fixed, it's not like you have to go back and rebuild the foundation over and over again.

Crystal Waddell: It's solid. You just have to check on it. Make sure that you're maintaining it. 

Crystal Waddell: But after that. 

Crystal Waddell: There are things that you can do to improve your presence on the internet. 

Crystal Waddell: And I think it's just so important that people are aware that you're constantly brand building.

Crystal Waddell: And so the ways that you can do that are through content. 

Crystal Waddell: Through email. 

Crystal Waddell: Through really understanding your keywords. 

Crystal Waddell: Through having a strategy. 

Crystal Waddell: Like [00:22:00] understanding your strengths and your weaknesses and your opportunities and your threats. 

Crystal Waddell: Understanding if you're profitable. 

Crystal Waddell: That's something that I think most businesses who are not profitable. 

Crystal Waddell: They just don't even know what's wrong.

Crystal Waddell: They're like, ah. 

Crystal Waddell: How am I struggling? 

Crystal Waddell: But. I know for me, I got to give a shout out to Jamie Trull. 

Crystal Waddell: She really helped me understand the difference between breaking even in a business. 

Crystal Waddell: And profiting in a business. 

Crystal Waddell: I can apply that to an e commerce perspective. Help people with that.

Crystal Waddell: And then the whole idea of off page SEO. 

Crystal Waddell: Dominating search results. 

Crystal Waddell: To tie this all back up? 

Crystal Waddell: Okay, the front door is an SEO technical audit.

Crystal Waddell: We can't start building on something that's not strong in its foundation. 

Crystal Waddell: And that gives me a chance to understand the business. 

Crystal Waddell: And also gives us a chance as business owners to decide. 

Crystal Waddell: Hey, are we a good fit to work together? 

Crystal Waddell: And so it's, you know what? 

Crystal Waddell: I think that this is probably not the best for me [00:23:00] personally, but I know someone who's great. 

Crystal Waddell: Or I can say, B handles copy. 

Crystal Waddell: Let me send you over to B and she can take care of that or whatever.

Crystal Waddell: So the SEO technical audit is really straightforward. 

Crystal Waddell: It's super simple. It's super cheap. 

Crystal Waddell: And the link is in the show notes. 

Crystal Waddell: So that's the way in. 

Crystal Waddell: If you want to talk to me about your website. 

Crystal Waddell: And then after that, I can make some recommendations. 

Crystal Waddell: My belief is that you will grow the fastest with your SEO efforts through content.

Crystal Waddell: But the content is strategic and if you don't know your keywords. 

Crystal Waddell: You're going to have a hard time being strategic.

Crystal Waddell: Offsite SEO, that's also important. 

Crystal Waddell: You want to dominate the search engine results pages. 

Crystal Waddell: But when you talk about all this stuff at one time. 

Crystal Waddell: It's just overwhelming.

Crystal Waddell: So I'm like, let's do the technical audit first. 

Crystal Waddell: Let's see which of these next steps would be the most beneficial to your business. 

Crystal Waddell: And let's sprint that thing. 

Crystal Waddell: So, say Pinterest would be a good fit for your business. 

Crystal Waddell: Let's do a sprint [00:24:00] with Pinterest. 

Crystal Waddell: And knock that out.

Brittany Herzberg: What do you mean by sprints? 

Crystal Waddell: That just means that, we're going to, set up your Pinterest account. 

Crystal Waddell: Optimize your Pinterest account for search. 

Crystal Waddell: Which just means that, you've got keywords in there for what people are searching for on Pinterest. 

Crystal Waddell: That you are driving traffic back to your site. 

Crystal Waddell: You're going to have one of two things probably happening here. 

Crystal Waddell: You either want to drive people to your website to sign up for your email list. 

Crystal Waddell: Or you want them to buy something. 

Crystal Waddell: So from an e commerce perspective, especially if you have a Shopify store. 

Crystal Waddell: Pinterest marketing is a no brainer.

Crystal Waddell: And it's not something that you have to continually do. It is literally a sprint. 

Crystal Waddell: You just, put all your content out there and schedule it for as long as you can. 

Crystal Waddell: And then revisit it in six months.

Crystal Waddell: So once you've got that working for you offsite. 

Crystal Waddell: Then you can go on to the next priority.

Crystal Waddell: And that's what I call sprints. 

Crystal Waddell: They're essentially like priority sprints. 

Crystal Waddell: Like what is the next big, lever puller in your business to make it move forward? 

Brittany Herzberg: So sprints are like, would it be fair to say that they're [00:25:00] condensed work times where you're just being really strategic. 

Brittany Herzberg: And checking some big thing off the to do list?

Crystal Waddell: Exactly. 

Crystal Waddell: Big things off the to do list that have major impact for your business. 

Crystal Waddell: To get more visibility online. 

Crystal Waddell: That's going to help your offsite SEO. 

Crystal Waddell: That's going to help potentially your domain authority.

Crystal Waddell: That's going to drive traffic. 

Crystal Waddell: That should drive sales. 

Brittany Herzberg: I love that. I'm so excited. Yeah. So, this was really good.

Brittany Herzberg: And I do want to share too. 

Brittany Herzberg: ,If anybody would find it helpful. 

Brittany Herzberg: I talk about this checklist a lot. 

Brittany Herzberg: But I'm going to make sure that it's In the link in our show notes. 

Brittany Herzberg: Where you can download the SEO basic checklist. 

Brittany Herzberg: That walks you through- Crystal was mentioning like off page seo and technical seo. 

Brittany Herzberg: This is on page seo. 

Brittany Herzberg: So this is what I actually use to walk through and create the seo strategy for each of these pages that I rewrote on my website. 

Brittany Herzberg: And then we'll make sure that the technical audit is linked in the show notes as well. 

Brittany Herzberg: I also wrote a blog all about this too. 

Brittany Herzberg: Which I'll link as well in case people want to have something to reference. Yeah. 

Crystal Waddell: And [00:26:00] I love this too. 

Crystal Waddell: People are always like, how can you help me? What do you do? 

Crystal Waddell: For a while, people knew me for Pinterest. 

Crystal Waddell: For a while, people knew me for like content, or SEO led content.

Crystal Waddell: But the most important thing is those windows have been closed. 

Crystal Waddell: We have to start from a frame of reference that we can both understand. 

Crystal Waddell: Getting to know somebody's website and their business and their services through a technical audience. Audit. A technical audit. Good job. There you go.

Crystal Waddell: Yeah, it has been the most effective, in building the best strategy. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah. If you think, first of all, thanks for joining us with this episode and if you found it helpful at all. Be sure to share it and tag us. 

Brittany Herzberg: We have our Instagram handles linked below. 

Brittany Herzberg: We really love hearing from you guys and knowing what resonates and knowing what questions you have that come up. 

Brittany Herzberg: So yeah. Any final words? 

Crystal Waddell: I would just say, send us all your questions. 

Crystal Waddell: Send us how we can help.

Crystal Waddell: That's what we're here for. And I love sharing. 

Brittany Herzberg: Yeah. We'll catch you next time.