The Simple and Smart SEO Show

Improve Your Website Visibility With an SEO Audit (Guest: Jordan Gill)

March 01, 2023 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell Season 1 Episode 41
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Improve Your Website Visibility With an SEO Audit (Guest: Jordan Gill)
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In this episode, we interview Jordan Gill, the founder of Systems Saved Me and the questions surrounding her site as her team switches hosting providers.

1. Jordan talks about her business and its transition from offering VIP days to an even more expanded "life first" business approach. 

  • Jordan defines SEO as the ability to be found on the internet.
  • Over the years, Jordan's team has built a strategy of ranking multiple domains for keywords they want to win.

2. Jordan, Crystal, and Brittany review an SEO audit of  what's working well, opportunities for improvement and changes in the business.

  • Jordan revealed her website had been "dead" for 5 years before they started making progress in January 2022.
  • Jordan and her team focused on updating meta descriptions and alt text.
  • Incidentally, Jordan was also adding backlinks from other websites to hers through a directory page on her site as well as podcast appearances.
  • Jordan's team also "sprinted" a YouTube Shorts strategy which helped bring more traffic to her website.

More about Jordan!
Jordan Gill is a 7-Figure Business Strategist whose mission is for high-achieving business owners to prioritize rest without sacrificing revenue! She’s helped over 400 coaches and consultants work with clients only 4 days a month with VIP Days! When sh

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This transcript has been machine-generated and has not been edited for errors. 

Not a lot of my people are trying to go for like, the million dollar businesses, right?

Like I'm trying to be on Forbes. I'm trying to like, that's not really my people. It's more. I want this to support my livelihood and my legacy for my family. So that's the conversation that I want to be the authority on.  


Yeah, so I am Jordan Gill and I'm the founder of Systems Saved Me and I have been in business almost seven years and the last two and a half have been around VIP days. And what those are where a service provider, maybe website builder or copywriter can create a website in a single day. So that's what we have been known for and built up juice in and have done over a hundred podcasts and now we're transitioning into a new space

And that is, I would say we've been coining it as a life first business because when you are building your business the other way, it's very hustle, grind business. And we believe it's the opposite where it's, okay, what's going on in your life and how do you build your business around it?

I love that so much. Okay. And my favorite question, what do you think of when you think of seo? Or how do you define it? 

Yeah,  sEO obviously stands for Search Engine Optimization, , but what that actually is in my understanding is that you are creating an entity, whether it's a site or microsite or landing page or whatever, and you're wanting it to show up in the results of Google being whatever else there even is out there and so it's just being able to be found is honestly how I if I could put it into a few words, it'd be like the ability to be found on the internet  because all the technical stuff is there, but really there's always somebody looking for you or your business as a solution. And if you haven't been intentional on building your different entities, whether it's social or your websites, like you're not gonna get found.


what's the point? I love it. Brava. The other thing I was curious about too, when I was like poking around with the audit quickly was, which by the way, we're gonna be doing the NCO audit for Driven Insight if we haven't said that at this point in the recording. Something I was curious about was like the funnel that you take people through, I was wondering what is the most common place for people to find you and then where do they go from there?

Yeah, so our, one of our top hits is actually our v i P day roadmap. We have it on a couple different domains. We do have it on our system, say domain, but we also have it on free VIP day roadmap domain and then vip day The reason we have those two were for Facebook ad tracking.

So free v free v i p day roadmap was what I used in guest podcasts and all of that sort of stuff. So that was like us tracking specifically from guest podcasting. And then v i p day roadmap without the free was for Facebook ads. So it was a way for us to really, because yes, we use UTMs and we have all the stuff, but I also, I just like clean data as much as possible.

But then what's happened is those also ranked like if you put in like v i P day roadmap or how to v i p day or stuff like that, they've actually entered into that force. And I'm like , I mean it's good, but also now my data's kind of like a little wonky. So it is what it is, 

but Right. No, I love that.

And I love that you try to keep the data really clean and that's so smart that you're like, I'm gonna use this one on podcast. I'm gonna use this one for ads. We'll get into this with your keywords, but it That's really interesting. Yeah. Crystal, are you still in brainstorming mode over there? 

Yes, but I did wanna make a comment based on how you said you were ranking with these other websites.

That's actually a high level strategy that, some people pay a lot of money to do, so good for you. Yay. You . We had at least a Meredith on here from Sim Rush a few months ago, and she was talking about this concept that actually I think was coined by HubSpot, but SIM Rush, piggybacked it or whatever, but it's called Surround Sound and surround sound marketing.

And it's where, on a search engine results page, you are getting, you're getting mentioned in multiple. Results. So you're like dominating that results page, which is really cool. So good. 

Thank you. So check you out. Thank you. I know. Who knew? Thank you.  of my flowers. . 

If anybody, yeah, no kidding.

If anybody hasn't, if you're listening and you're like, I don't even know what to expect with an SEO audit, what we do is we, and I'm gonna share my screen in just a minute so you can see it. What we do is we go over what's working well, what opportunities exist, and then we also talk through, like you were sharing with us, which was why I was so glad that you shared with us that like we're switching hosts, we're changing like what we're being known for.

That's totally what we talked through in an audit. So I am really excited to dive in. Are you guys ? 

Always. I love a good spirit. Let  No, I have no emotions toward this at all. I want all the juice, all the feedback.  

Okay. So we use something called Uber suggest, and we, what I did was, you'll see your website is up here and then there's lots of numbers, many of which you might be familiar with, some of which are like, what in the world?

. We'll just start from the top and work our way down if that's cool. Crystal, are you okay with that? Yep. That's good. Okay. I just  I can feel your wheels turning . No, it's great. It's great. I love it. That's why I love you. Okay, so you're on page SEO score is 75. That's great. And that's out of a hundred.

On page SEO scores. Really just like a.

Ratio of errors to total number of pages. And Uber suggests it's very gracious, with their scoring. And maybe it's because I'm a teacher by trade, that's what I used to do before I started doing this. But in my world, a 75 is a C, and most business owners are overachievers.

I think almost all of us are, like B always says, going above and beyond and doing the extra credit or whatever. So I think definitely that this on page SEO score could be a hundred. There's really not a lot of reasons why it shouldn't be a hundred. And this is like the basis of. A technically sound website is that OnPage SEO score.

So that just shows Google that you're paying attention or whatever search engine that you're paying attention to what's happening on your site that, especially like broken links or whatever, which we'll get to soon, that you're, constantly assessing that and just building a strong foundation for 

everything else.

Yeah, which I love. Yeah, that's super helpful. Yeah. Yeah, I see it as a, when I saw 75, I saw it as a C, but then I also saw great, but I was also those people that.  I didn't really care about as growing up in school. Like I was like, CS get degrees, I love that. 

What was that life 

like? . So yeah, I was more interested in like internships or like practicums or things like that because I like to learn.

I'm like, it's good in the sense of again, we have this one page website up right now, but there's probably some things that we can practice 

ongoing. And that's the other thing I was going to say. Most people have multiple pages, so you have a very small number of things to fix  to get like the best score because you're working with a lower ratio, . 

Totally. That's 

exciting. And even though you said that you have this like one pager right now, it still pulled 10 pages, it still said that it discovered 10 pages. Yeah, exactly. If anyone ever does this on their own, It's cool, like that's fine.

, the organic monthly traffic is at 121. And again, I like to hover up here it's pretty good. I don't know, do you know what your traffic is at? I always like to have other examples. Do you know what your traffic is at Krys? 

This is where CS get degrees, because my monthly traffic is probably 10 times this.

But I can guarantee you my monthly revenue is not . All of these reference points are  relative to what your ultimate goal is. When you think you, you said you like data and you like clean data, whatever.

So you know, if you think about what your ideal conversion rate would be or if you know what your current conversion rate is, that makes it like a more.  I don't know, like a more clear goal for your company to say, okay, if we were getting, 150 in monthly organic traffic or 200 or 300 right. At what point does that really start to, impact our revenue and, because  that's the, one of the most significant things you can do in your business is increase your conversion rate Yeah. For the people who are coming. And then once you have, once you've got that solid thing converting, all good is increased organic monthly traffic, right? 


Yeah. Oh totally. Yeah. So we're definitely excited about that. And we're not pushing anybody related to system samei, cuz again, our funnels, yes. One of them does start on our website, but really all of them are on these little micro one landing page that then goes deeper, like free v i p d

that has a whole funnel set up. And so I know the conversions of those versus necessarily them coming from our website. We do have those numbers as well. But we definitely have some more content-heavy focus on, so some save coming up, which I'm really excited about cause we've never had a blog.

We sometimes have had show notes. Yeah. , this sounds like 

my website. This totally sounds like my crystal is much more on it. And I'm like, I'm determined to blog this year and I'm determined to put out 

the show notes. . Yeah, for sure. So I'm excited about that. So I think our monthly traffic will definitely skyrocket when we actually have a reason for people to come back.


Okay. So just to clarify, even though you're making this shift in your business is, you're still selling the v I p days, is 

that correct? Yes. Yep. Okay. Yep. Yep. It's just less. So v i p days were our entire business basically. And now it's just gonna be one part. I'm so excited to see this shift.

Me too 

on Instagram. I'm curious, what is your link in bio? Is it your website or is it like Yeah, tell me more. 

It's one of the, it's, and so it's still on our like, show it site. And that has like our roadmap our Shopify site, our, like different opportunities there. We have our conference coming up, so there's a link there for that.

So that, that is probably one of the pages.  it discovered and whatnot. So instead of using Link tree and stuff, I know better than that. So I have it all going on my website. 

I'm so proud of you. 

I love hearing that . I do know no Link tree. That is something I know. Yeah. Cuz 

you, if you can capture the traffic on your own website, it's just gonna be better.

And then you're able to link internally, which we're gonna get to in a second with just like links. Yeah. So highly recommend keeping that like Instagram page, the link page on your site. Yeah. Okay, next up we have organic keywords. You had 60 and I wanna go take a look at those and I think I, 

oh, and what's interesting about that is we had eight in January, 2022.

Yay, . So change is possible. Yes, change is possible. So seeing 60, I'm like, okay, we're like we're going, we're doing it. Yeah. And then 

watch, when you have the content on your website, that's also gonna skyrocket. Yeah. . 

So what's happened since 

January 8th? Yeah. So January 8th, we, or 2022. Oh yeah.


says they had eight keywords in January. There we go. Yeah. Oh, okay. . 

So what happened around that? So that was the starting point, and that was when I realized like we weren't even getting on the first page for systems Like we weren't even getting on the first pa. There were some major issues because we'd moved our website a lot of times, like we'd been on our website's, been on Cajabi, it's been on WordPress, it's been on Squarespace, it's been on, who knows where else and so things just got lost in the sauce. And so then when we looked at our actual in January of last year when I did an seo, a different SEO audit, like. , it basically was like, your website has been dead basically for the first five years of your business. And then it made a little bit of progress, but it also was, I wasn't putting any focus on it, right?

. So in January, the eight keywords and again, that we were ranking for but weren't ranking high were like, the typ like system, Amy, Jordan, Gill, those like typical ones. But I there wasn't any intention behind it. It, we didn't have the meta descriptions, we didn't have the all texts. We didn't have any of that stuff.

And so it wasn't a change necessarily in January, but I think moving to Showit helped us, which we did, I think technically January, 2021. But again, we weren't focused for an entire year on SEO stuff. So January 8th was like, January, 2022  was when we were like, okay, we have eight keywords. This is the starting point of now, like trying to get better at that stuff.

And so just whenever we updated any of our pages and whatnot, we made sure that, again, we were updating the alt text, we were using the right, like having one h one headline, like those sorts of things, like constantly. And so again, while we didn't have a ton of new content, there would be pages that we were adding that included not back links for us, but we u we had other people's links on our site for our directory.

And I think that was something that helped support our our mission of SEO support. But other than that, I'm honestly not even quite sure. We've just been like maintaining, I would say, and not necessarily  being proactive about, again, content or things like that. 

I gotta say, this reminds me a lot of my story because I, when I started my website, I started as a massage therapist.

My website has always been britney, but I had zero knowledge of what SEO was, didn't understand anything. I just knew get your message out there so people can find the page and book with you. Cuz otherwise, how else are they gonna book with me? So totally. I had all of the stuff there, but I definitely used like multiple H one s on different pages.

I totally had zero intention behind the words that I was using, and yet I still had an SEO strategy. It just wasn't one that I was driving the bus on, like the bus was driving me. Yeah. So I love hearing that because I feel like so many of us, like that's where we're starting. Yeah. We've had a website, it's been out there.

Yes, it's ranking for something, but you're just okay, what does that mean? And where do I go from here? So yeah. Like even just with, this is why I have the SEO checklist that I have because it's all about OnPage seo. It's all about just figure out these things and then when you go into the pages, optimize it.

It's cool, it's fine. And look at this in just a year, like you're doing incredible. 

Yay. It was very dim at the, it was the very dim . It 

feels like it, right? Because it's just like I have this giant hill to go up and I don't even know how to take the 

first. Yeah. And to see that literally my website for five years was not doing a, like when I talk about not doing a lick, like Google was not giving me anybody.

There was no nobody was coming to my website from Google. And that showed in my analytics and I was just like if I was able to get my business to this point with zero of Google help , like right zero, what could happen if I actually took it seriously and was given the support of Google being everybody else, whoever else, but really Google for us.

And so we, I think also our YouTube strategy may have helped with some of that as well. We did like a four month sprint, but then it was bringing in the wrong target market, which is a whole nother story. But we. . Those are some things that we're like, okay, like we do organic we do ads pretty well.

Now let's get some support from Google  this time. 

I love it. Real quick before we move on to that next thing and the list, I was gonna say that overwhelming feeling of trying to go up the mountain, that we've all experienced and to some extent still do experience as we find out new things that we could be doing.

The great first step that you guys took was by identifying your brand keywords and those things that you're like, I should be showing up for my name, or I should be showing up on page one for the business name or whatever. And starting there. That's a, that was a really great strategy and b said something a couple episodes ago that just keeps replaying in my mind.

And that's that so many of us forget about the o Oh yeah. In seo, O. , and that's optimization. So whereas you may feel like, oh, we didn't create anything new, you did go back and optimize all of the hard work that you've done before. And so there's lots of different things working there. So I just wanna. Throw my encouragement out there as well to anybody who's feeling this because it's look, you've done more work than you think you have.

You just didn't realize there was a name for it and you didn't realize that there was an actual framework where it could work even harder for you. So 

that's true. Yeah. I appreciate it. 

Oh my gosh, I love it. There was a thought that I had and it totally left me. So if it comes back, I'll mention it. But  for now, the cool thing is if you're listening to this, I will point out like system, save me your ranking.

Number one Jordan Gill system. Save me your ranking. Number one system, save me, reviews your ranking. Number one done in a day. You're number two. And then for your name, I mean look at you, you're ranking number 

three, . Which is funny cause if you look up my name, Jordan which is my maiden name.

So my married name is Salas but for business, I still go by my maiden name. And literally the Jordan is a Mexican wrestler. And he has hacked my domain for a long time and I'm just like I guess it is what it is at this point. So he's probably that in that number one and number two slot and whatnot.

So it just, it's fine. No one I think will get us confused. . Got it. . Yeah. So what 

about the name of your Shopify 

store? What's that? 

I knew you were gonna love the Shopify. Yeah, so that one is system say me and that really just happened in October, so it's not like where that's something you 

made like overnight, right?

Yep. I just one night decided I was gonna make it . I love that. And that's stuff that I do. What 

about your conference? 

What's that called? Yeah, so that one is we have two sites for that. We have, excuse me, M, and then we have make your mark as well. Yeah. . But we're using the shorter one mainly and whatnot right now, because again, we're, I hate transitioning in the middle of big projects, but make your mark was on our other thing, and now we've got on HubSpot, which is where it will stay

Okay. So let me make just one more comment on this. Yeah. If I would just say for anybody who's thinking about maintaining multiple domains it's a, it's an interesting strategy and I'm, it's not one that I'm opposed to because as I'm thinking through it now, we are talking about the surround sound strategy and all that type of stuff.

It's not necessarily a bad thing at all. . What I would say is maybe if you're, if you have multiple domains, don't forget about that idea that every page should have a job. Yeah. And the job of that page is a specific keyword.  And keyword variations that support that keyword. So whether you have that all on your domain, like your main domain, or sprinkled throughout other domains, yeah.

The approach is the same. You want that particular page on the internet doing a job for your 

business. No, that's a good reminder for sure. Yeah. And usually it's, the reason we have quote unquote, so many different domains is because from a social media aspect, we go really heavy on reels.

And so we always are looking for short domains to use. And we did have, I think, system as again a shorter brand, branded short link or whatever it's called. But we found that, . That's fine for probably our content as we roll it out. But it's, we've got a bunch of different reels that we're doing on Instagram that, again, it's a lot easier to say, it's quicker to say people can remember it, so that way we get a lot of traffic and conversions, whether it's email list or conference or whatever, from having a shorter shorter branded domain that's specific to each of our different kind of containers, I think it's unique. I 

haven't heard of anybody doing it, and I can see how it would be helpful, especially with it being memorable for something like a real or YouTube short or anything like that, but I definitely haven't heard of anyone really taking it that seriously and being so strategic with each link.


I think it's cool. . Yeah. I'm gonna look up the surround sound strategy because we probably are doing whatever, 70% of it or something. . And so I wanna make sure again, that we are connecting them all. Cuz that's probably been the biggest Yeah.  Issue is that they all live, and again, I, I live in a very siloed world in my brain. And so that's probably then the manifestation of it, literally. But I think that it could be helpful as we're building content, as we're bringing, traffic from these different places and have these different domains. It probably could be super helpful to like, Actually connect them in some way.


think this is another thing B said. She was like, something about building a better web? Oh yeah. You essentially get to create your own web. Yeah. So you can make a link that has like the keyword that this page over here is known for and connect them together.

And there was one situation that I knew of, some people approaching their domains and stuff with this strategy. And it was mainly to push someone off of page one that was dominating, a product review category or whatever, which wasn't as positive , as they would like, so I know that it works. And then doing the same, external linking strategy to all of these domains to, boost them all up and pull 'em together. So really interesting 

stuff. Oh yeah, we heard out. 

And I'll just mention it here if you're listening. This is what, when I talk about doing SEO o packets, this is what I do.

This is where you have like up to four to five pages for your website. I'm doing the research, I'm creating the strategy for each page. It's just me taking that SEO basics checklist, popping everything in so you know what your target keyword is. You know exactly what the supportive keywords are. If you're changing your R URL or adding a U R L, you know what to put for this log, things like that.

So it's just all that stuff is there and then you copy and paste it onto your own website. So if you ever hear me talk about SEO packets, that is what I'm talking about. But I am really glad that you mentioned like each page having its own job. Yeah. Because some of us forget that. Like I know I, that just wasn't a priority of mine before I knew what SEO was and I was like, oh, okay.

I get it.  

totally. . 

So where did you get all these back links? Because you've got, yeah. 1,362 back links. And 

that's, is that a lot? Ok. Yes.  For one page. Yeah. Yeah. So again, I've been on a lot of podcasts. I've spoken on a lot of stages virtually and in person. I our visibility from that standpoint, we just have a lot that I've done in the past, six years almost seven.

So I would say my guess would be that it probably was a lot of podcast interviews that I was on.  And even again summits, virtual stages and even in-person stages. So yeah, that's what I'm seeing here.  Is a lot of, I was gonna say, that's what it looks like. Yes.

Yeah. . Yeah. Oh, that's great. . , 

because your domain authority is 29, is that right? Or is it 28 or 29? But that's fantastic. 

There we go. I was looking for that . 

Yeah. Is that what's, what is that number out of a hundred hundred? 

But it's really, 

yeah, it's out of a hundred. But let's think about like even YouTube or Google Search Console or something.

Their score is gonna be somewhere in the nineties and they're Google, 

they don't even hit a hundred. 

Yeah. I'm a member membership by Amy Porterfield. Yeah. And there was an SEO specialist in there who talked about the average domain authorities of small businesses, which I'm like, b I'm always looking for a reference point.

It's okay, we've got this number, but what does it really mean? Gimme somebody I can relate to. And she said that most small businesses,  anything above 15,  is 

great. So I like that cuz I think I'm at like 12 .  

Going from zero to 10 is the easiest domain authority to achieve.

Okay. Going from 11 to 20 is harder and then that next increment of 21 to 30 is harder and it just continues like that. 

Yeah. But, okay, I'll take that 29 then. Yes. Yeah 

that's the number I was looking for earlier, so I'm really happy that we found it . 

It's so funny. Yeah, I would say it's podcast. And then I also thought about it too, we do have a lot of affiliates for different things and so Wow.

Sometimes the affiliate links are on other pages, like our conference has a separate page and stuff like that, butamy porterfield still also adding our main website to a lot of their things as well. So the affiliates I think is probably another one. And I guess YouTube you said, adds to it.

So Yeah, in the past year,  again. We started 2022 with 179 total video views on all of our videos, which was like very sad. And then at the end of the year we had like almost 200,000 video views and we did mainly YouTube shorts. Yeah. So we rode that wave with all repurposed from Instagram.

And so that's could also be what helped to nudge us along last year, . 

And here we are with the 1362. I was just taking a look at your, the calendar as well. And it looks like, with both, so the red line is bag links and then the orange line is referring domains with both of them.amy porterfield like steadily increasing.

So that's really great to see. . 

Oh yeah. Look at that. Yeah. So the between even May, 2021 and August, 2021, that's affiliates for show. That's because you, they kept you afloat. They did. They did. Cause woo. I was like, all right, we trucking along here, . 

That's awesome. Yeah, that's definitely a very good number.

All right. Other thoughts before we hop over to other things? 

Crystal? No, excited to keep going. We're good. I 

would just tell Neil Patel, I would love to see like how the domain authority related to those referring domains and back links, because I wanna see what the score does as the back links or referring domains go up.

, like which ones the lever, you know, 

so  does it when you talk about back links, like if I were to get on like a Forbes or an entrepreneur or like one of those bigger things, does that help to increase my domain authority as well? Because they have higher domain authority? Should I be focused on if I wanna increase my domain authority getting back links from higher?

domain, authoritative websites. Is that like one of the ways that you do it? Okay. . 

Yeah. But if you look at your the podcast that you are on that really onto, yeah, you were on some good ones. Some of those have a higher domain authority than even Forbes or one of those. I would, and 

right here it says domain authority right here.

So if you're able to take a look at that, yeah. 

I would definitely never pay to be in Forbes or any of those magazines, , just to get like their domain authority passed to you. Yeah. Because you're already getting links from high authority sites, so I would just keep doing what 

you're doing. 

Yeah. And side note if you ever, I don't know, end up in glamor for the fact that you have migraines and threw up in a mall when you were five years old, highly recommend that

That is amazing.  

Do you do Harrow at all, Jordan? No. Highly recommend because that's how I got the migraine tossing my cookies article.

Okay. Yeah. Oh, that's so fun. Yeah. Yeah, we definitely wanna get, get out there a bit more. For sure. My, my team is chomping at the bit 

andamy porterfield often looking for, in their eyes, sometimes, like Crystal and I are seen as a little fish sometimesamy porterfield looking for people with big followings, very established businesses.

They're looking for a certain revenue mark, so there are things that I could apply for and respond for, and there are things that you could respond for. And really it's just about, if side note for those pitches, I always like starting out with just I'm so excited to see you, blah, blah, blah, as a topic.

as someone that has whatever or does whatever, here's my thought and then I'll just roll into that and I always say thank you at the end.  For anyone listening, it never hurts to just be kind , 

right? What a concept. But yes, . 

Just thought I should share that.

So we're gonna go over into the issues that Uber suggest found for your site, which it wasn't very many, it was only 16 if you saw that number. We've seen, I've seen much higher crystal have, I feel like both of us have seen much higher. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And the issues that you have, I'm gonna use air quotes cuz it's not even that bad.

, you had two pages of the low word count. . And what I like about Uber suggests is that if you click it, it'll actually tell you the pages, it'll tell you the word 

count. I don't even pages up . If 

we go back, it'll even tell you like how you can fix. That's nice. Lovely. So it's literally just write more words, right?


Yeah.  Or Jordan just said, I don't even want those pages up there. Then it unpublished those pages. 

Glorious. I will do that . Yeah. After this. . Yeah. 

And you'll get, I'll give you all this stuff. See, you'll happen. Okay. Thank you. I'll make it look all pretty and then I'll send it over to you.

So we have this one page is blocked from appearing in search engines and what Crystal was saying, maybe you want maybe this was a list of five links and maybe you want them all hidden. Totally fine. It's just okay, here's your awareness. . Yeah. 

was gonna say, this is an admin page, so you definitely want that blocked and not index precise by Google.

So if you click next to it where there's that little checkbox , click it and then just put ignore issues and it'll, there's some that you can discard on your own knowing that, hey, that's not an issue for me. 


I love it. So it doesn't even exist on your listing.

Whenever we're down to 15 , yay . Look at this.amy porterfield cleaning them up. . There are three pages with broken links, so we can click that. 

That's not wonderful. Uhoh. Oh yeah those are, I don't want any of those shown. Okay. Right now. 

So Crystal, I feel 3 0 1 redirect from better than I do.

So would that be something that you would do or would you do like the 4 0 4 error? 

If you're saying you don't want those four pages 

showing up, correct? Yeah. Cuz those probably are just the generic ones from the, like the template that we have on show it right now. 

Okay. I would unpublish the pages and then if the links are showing up on your main page, that main domain page, I would just go in and remove 

the links.

Yeah, they, none of them should be linked up at all on. Yeah. Our main page. So just unpublished. Okay. , go hide '


Yeah. Cuz it says there's anchor text, so I don't know if that's in your header, 

maybe then.  Or if it's somewhere in the copy or a button maybe. Yeah, 

maybe you 

guys can keep going.

I'll double check real quick. 

Okay. Yeah, but it's showing the same for each, so like the blog, it's showing the same and for the sample page. So like you said, it's probably just something to do with the template 

or Yeah. Yeah.  Some 

fun thing. Okay. So those, that was the broken links. And then we have three pages with no meta description.

And as you were saying, it sounds like you already know what a title tag is and what a meta description are, but very, if you're listening, it's, you go to Google, you do your search, the results populate, there's a blue hyperlinked headline. That is the title, the SEO title. And then under that you'll see like a little, usually like one to two sentences, sometimes three if people are being really ambitious and that is your meta description.

And sometimes we just publish pages and we haven't put one, I know I was doing that. We will often see another issue of a duplicated meta description. And that's often if you just copy the page and it copies like all of the stuff over. So yeah, that's what it's showing those same three pages.

Yeah. But I'll adjust . 

Yeah. I know when you set up a WordPress website, like I'm working with someone right now on my client chooses show it as well. . There's a second person I've worked with that uses show it, but I don't do anything within, show it. The the last past password that I have takes me directly to their WordPress page.

Oh yeah. And so I'm wondering if maybe the WordPress setup page, just had these as automatically. Oh. Probably know pages that were set up. You know what I mean? It's like a point. That's probably where you'll probably need to go and deactivate 

them. Okay, that's helpful. Yeah. Show It is interesting cuz it's show it and WordPress.

And then we've got the same deal.  for the title 

tag. Oops. Yep. Which I just, 

and this is what I love sometimes about the problems that show up here. Is there a lot of times the same page, yeah. So once you deactivate it, once you know it's gonna eliminate Yeah. 90% of your 


Totally. It's amazing. Yep. Yay. 

And then we have page returned with four XX status. And just to look at, this happens when traffic happens, when traffic people trying to visit your website aren't able to access your certain pages. So most of us know this is a 4 0 4 error. And that would just be like create a fun little page.

We talked about this in one of the episodes. Was it on the Simple and Smart Show, or was it on the SEO shorts where we talked about. , I 

can't remember. But essentially it's just making a funny page of saying, how'd you end up here? Whoops. Let's get you back where you wouldn't like to be, , instead of just saying 4 0 4, this page doesn't 

exist. Or what I've done on my website, which was the lazy man's like way to do this, was to just send them over to like my services page or my about page or something like that. Which actually when you do that, like I realized recently, I was like, that's really confusing.

So I really need to just go and make my 4 

0 4 page . Yeah. We had a cute one that was like, again, a whoopsy daisy, whatever.  And then had again to our, cuz mostly where people were trying to go were our application, our like freebie and then something else, or like our homepage. I think so.

So yeah, we were always pointing people back to conversion or you can browse around, yeah. . 

So that's all of the issues that it discovered. And just while we're on here, if we do ever end up publishing this video, it has a column for the issues detected discovered, and then it has the difficulty of like, how hard is it to actually make these changes?

And yours are like moderate and easy. Yeah, super simple. And then how much do they impact your seo? So the low word count says high. The other ones say medium, but yeah, crystal. 

Okay. So I just wanna make a comment on the fact that the SEO impact, the only one that says high is low word count. 


And so 

what is interesting to me and what, and I also wanna make this comment because you said that you guys are really gonna focus on content for any know a blog and that type of thing, that's what's gonna have the most impact, the fastest. Yeah. Because you're gonna fix these errors. You're gonna clean it up.

Your score on page SEO score is gonna shoot up to 98 point 99 right away once you fix these things. , awesome. But then it's a matter of training Google what you know how to browse your website, how to refer people to your website. And the fastest way to do that is content. And I have a few examples of this, but one in particular, I wrote a blog article for an affiliate for a major launch.

And it ranked on page one within a week, which 

is insane. Yeah. 

As soon as it hit page one and number three, I screenshotted, I sent it 

to be, and I was sure 

it did. I look at this, but it was a matter of timing because obviously the launch was going on and people were looking for affiliate to this program, trying to find the best bonuses or whatever.

But the content that you create is gonna have the biggest impact on 

discover. . Yeah. Okay. And of course now Google is looking for content to be helpful. They had the helpful content update. So what are they really looking for when people come to, when they do the search, when your page pops up and then they go to your page, are they actually being helped?

Is this actually answering their question and doing what they were looking for it to do? So just writing with that in mind, and again, giving that page like the target keyword or key phrase and then, writing accordingly. 

Yep. Sweet. This is it. 

I can't get back. Okay. There we go. So the other thing I felt  all of my sounds, all, I felt like this was interesting, the site speed, this is pretty much the last thing to cover your desktop, like it didn't have any information and that could just be because you're undergoing the website transfer.

Yeah. . if we switch over to mobile, like you're doing 

pretty well. . Yeah. Besides mobile's always been a, an interesting but again, it's show it like. , I found that having it on show it increases our page time because whenever we have pages on FG funnels or things like that, like we've, we haven't had as many issues.

So we definitely have to spend a lot of time compressing images on show it. We have to like, do a lot of those things. And so we, yeah, that's definitely a priority for us. Cuz we do have a lot of mobile people. Again, we have a lot of traffic coming from Instagram specifically. , and people are on their mobile from Instagram, so that's a big push.

But it, it can be tough when you get these really heavy images from photographers and things like that. That that can take up some. , 

and that's totally interesting to hear that. Showit just itself seems to slow it down a bit because I know mostly photographers that use that website I know. Or that 

host, and I don't know, again, we could be doing other things wrong, but when I look at site speed, it usually is compressing images.

Like your images are too big. And then sometimes depending, again, we've just, we've done a lot of different things and so there's like loose code that we have to clean up, but then I can never find, so then it's just there. I'm just like, I'm excited to go onto HubSpot and Yeah. 

Fresh start.

Yeah, exactly. And if you're listening, I know we did the episode with Stephanie about Screaming Frog, about images. So if you're listening to this and you're like, I wanna learn more, I'm, I'll make sure that we link to that Crystal. I saw your hand. No, I was, 

okay. So just a thought here. You may or may not know this, but if you're moving domains and Service providers like you are moving from show to HubSpot.

There's a couple things that you can do to let Google know that this is happening and that will then help you retain your domain authority. Now, certain gosh, I can't even remember whatamy porterfield called right now, the acronym for it, but certain providers have certain rules, so you'll wanna google like your specific situation like HubSpot.

But for anyone listening, it's important that you let Google know that you are moving sites and they have a specific place where you can do that. HubSpot may say, don't worry about that. Our, it's our not c r m our platform will do that for you. I don't know, you don't know too much about HubSpot, but that's one thing that you might wanna do.

And then the next thing is submitting a new site. For the domain once you're moved. And so that way, Google's on board, understands like what's happening, if there are some, whatever, redirects, disconnects, whatever.amy porterfield aware of that. And then your domain authority will 

go with you.

Okay, great. Yeah, and if 

you're listening and you're as terrified as I was about submitting  a site map, it's really not that scary. I totally was like, absolutely worried about this. And I was like, okay, crystal. Like I had this whole mindset thing around doing it and I was like, all right, let's do it today.

And in what, two minutes? I think we were done probably less. It was really pathetic. I was like, oh, 

okay. Yeah. 

But it's scary. Everybody thinksamy porterfield gonna break their website, it is and sometimes, yeah, there's things that you can do that are gonna, mess things up for a while, but for the most part, you really can't break the internet, even though it seems like you can.

You're probably not going to at least not your 

corner of the internet. 

Yeah, like we are giving ourselves too much credit sometimes too , think we can break that monster. 

You know what I mean? So that is so 

true. That is really 

true. Okay, so seeing this and knowing that you have some background with seo, do you have any questions?

Do you have any like ahas or, oh, that's good to know, 

or whoops, . The fact that I moved it to a, my team really moved it to a one page website. I thought probably that we again broke some part of our website because like we did have multiple pages and whatnot. And it actually is okay.

And I was definitely thinking we were gonna have way more issues than what I'm seeing and that also is reassuring. And even knowing about the, like keywords and back laness, I hadn't looked in at.  At the update since January, really we just have been like head down doing our stuff again, focusing on the O of SEO , and and so it feels actually very like, exciting.

And I think too that this is a, this is definitely again, out of all the types of marketing, like organic, a ads paid and or paid and ads are the same thing, but organic, paid relationship so like affiliates and stuff. And then search, search is definitely the lowest of a knowledge component for me.

But I also know that that one is such a growth opportunity that like, because we've had so much content over the past however many years at this point,  that has been in podcast form or been in Instagram form or YouTube form or whatever, it's it's going to be what I feel like much easier for us to jump on the search train because we're gonna be able to take, and we have data of okay, these are the Instagram videos that have done the best.

These are the podcast interviews that have done the best and take that content and put it into search, add the keywords, like metatags, all the things and really get a jumpstart on it versus having to test on search and not know really what content is gonna do really well. And I think there's pros and cons to each of those, but I think.

we're gonna be able to get results fast. Not only because we're adding content, but because we're adding content that we know is stuff that people have enjoyed or stuff that people have shared or whatever the case is. So that's what I'm most excited about. It's like we actually have a pretty good foundation and now it's okay, now we can have some fun.

When it comes to search, 

I agree with that. And two things. So one is that organic helps your paid efforts. Yep. So is it wonderful to, you really can't mess it up. It's never the wrong time to start with seo. Like it's never the wrong time. You have data that you get to work with that you then get to make really smart, educated decisions with.

If you're starting out with really strong seo, that's great too because it helps you in a different way. So it's never the wrong time to start with seo. Organic definitely will help your paid efforts and because you have such a substantial audience, it like, People know you, people know what you're about, they know whatamy porterfield gonna get when they come to you.

So it's just gonna make everything flow so seamlessly. And I feel like your growth is just gonna take off and that's gonna be really exciting to see. The second thing is doing your audit actually gives me hope because I've been toying around with the idea of going down to a one page website or at least narrowing it down so that I get my messaging a little tighter and this is yeah, I can totally do it and it's not gonna break my corner of the internet.

So thank you . 

Very welcome. . 

I'm so jealous cuz in e-commerce I just cannot, I cannot imagine having a one page 

website, services where it's at 

Crystal   iCOM would be tricky for sure. A little bit challenging. 

How do you feel maybe, and you can totally think about this, how do you feel about us maybe checking up with you 

in a few months?

I would love it. Yeah. So we're bringing on a content manager and her entire role is the blogging aspect, the adding content upgrades in the blogs, like taking, redoing our funnels and our emails and like, all of that. And so she starts on Friday. I'm very excited. And so we definitely will have some fun updates and obviously our site will be fully moved over to HubSpot, which gives us incredible data like you wanna talk about, like creeper status,

I will know everything about all of y'all going to my site. Okay. Happily. I'm excited about that. Yeah I'm really pumped about that. It'll, again, help us make smarter decisions, which is what I'm all about. I don't like to make decisions based off of Yeah. The air. , I like to make decisions on, okay, what's not working?

What are people interested in? What are they not interested in?  because I like to hit the target as much as possible. Like again, I, because I have limited energy capacity, I can't just be like willy-nilly with the energy that I, exude. . I like to hit the target as many times as possible.

So that's what data gives you. Yeah. Yeah. And I think 

I remember messaging you, Chris, I don't know if you'll remember, but my very first exposure to you, Jordan, was you were in a mixer with me and she breaks out this like whole, this was my, oh my gosh, this was my launch and here's all the data.

And I'm just like, heart eyes over here. What? Tell me more. . I was like, I just loved it. So from that moment on, I was like, I love Jordan. So I was very excited to I knew you would love the data. I know Crystal loves the data, so I'm just, I'm really happy that this all worked out and I can't wait to see where you 

go from, Yes.

I can't wait to come back and share. Yes. Give us, give everybody the hope you can change your, website stuff. Yeah. If you can go down to a one page website, again, you can get a ton of back links just through podcasting or other opportunities. Cuz again, I don't guess blog anywhere.

So it's all podcasts and whatnot. So hopefully there's been a few lessons for folks to learn and take away. 

Exactly. Send us your comments. Oh, speaking of that, where can people find you 

and connect with you? Jordan  totally should do that part, right? You can come to my one page website that maybe now multiple pages depending on when you head over there.

But systems saved and then Instagram is our gm at Systems saved me and then we also, our podcast has been rebirthed. So anywhere you listen to podcasts, go to systems. Saved Me Easy. I love 

it. You got anything? 

No, this was really fun. It was great to meet you Jordan. Wish you guys all the best.

Yeah. Thank you so much. It was great to meet you too. 

Awesome. Okay, so we will cut you next time. 

Bye. Bye.

(Cont.) Improve Your Website Visibility With an SEO Audit (Guest: Jordan Gill)
(Cont.) Improve Your Website Visibility With an SEO Audit (Guest: Jordan Gill)