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How to use ScreamingFrog For Website Image Size w/ Stephanie Long

December 28, 2022 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell, Stephanie Long Season 1 Episode 32
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
How to use ScreamingFrog For Website Image Size w/ Stephanie Long
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We are talking to  Stephanie Long all about using the SEO tool ScreamingFrog to audit the image sizes on your site!

This is a doozy! Catch the YouTube video here!

Stephanie Long has been doing SEO for 10 years. She began her own firm SMM SEO Agency, and specializes in helping tech companies.

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1. Screaming Frog is a tool that helps you determine if your images are too large and slowing down your website speed.

  • Screaming Frog is a good tool for image compression suggestions.
  • Screaming Frog is free up to 500 website pages.

2. Stephanie uses Excel to export image data from Screaming Frog so that she can then upload it into Google Sheets for easier analysis.

  • Image sizes, smallest to largest: kb, b, mb, gb, b
  • Convert bytes to pixels by inputting your numbers into this converter tool.
  • You can also convert bytes to pixels manually by using this formula from
    • Pixels resolution = (8*bytes value)/(bit value) then:
    • Width in pixels = pixels resolution*aspect ration
    • Height in pixels = pixels resolution*(1/aspect ratio)

Stephanie can be found at:

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In my opinion, only good for image compression. I go and use Uber Suggest and Moz A Refs, all of that because it'll pull that in. So I don't think Screaming Frog is a strong tool for that kind of stuff. So it happens to me too. I just ignore it because that's actually not accurate. Those other tools we've talked about, we'll pull it in.

Hello and welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO show Where we provide tips and advice to improve your website's search engine ranking. I'm Brittany Herzberg, SEO copywriter for Holistic Health and Wellness Pros who want to show up as the answer to a Googled question. And I'm Crystal Waddell, an e-commerce seller and content creator. I help business owners communicate the value of their products and services through content so you can make more sales and grow your business.

We are business besties who love learning and sharing what we've learned. So what are we waiting for? Let's jump in. All right, welcome back to the Simple and Smart SEO show. It's funny now I'm like, which show are we recording? The main one. The main One. The main one. The the big one. And we are back with the first one.

Yeah. And we are back with our first ever, I think Repeat guest, Stephanie Long. Ah, awesome. I'm glad to be the first repeat. Welcome. You Need some, we need some applause. Sounds right there. We should get, I'll tell him. Cj. Yeah, we need CJ's help. Yeah, from back in our days when we were on Clubhouse a lot.

Well, I haven't been on there in a while. I think you have been more active than me. But anyway, we love the, the horns and the clapping and everything. So we are back and I am excited and I know Crystal's excited. We're gonna be talking about Screaming Frog and all things images, photography, and how that affects your SEO strategy and your score and your ranking and all of that.

So Stephanie, I know you've been here before, but do you wanna maybe just give us like a brief recap of like who you are, how you help people, all that stuff? Yeah, sure. So I'm Stephanie Long. I've been doing SEO for about 10 years now and I've always had SEO clients on the side. And then about two years ago I started my own SEO firm,

S M M SEO Agency. And I help clients really of all sizes. My, what I really like my niches is tech. That's my background in tech. So that's the bulk majority of my clients is tech. But I mean, I can help all clients, but I've always worked for tech companies and so I speak the language and that's why I think they come to me naturally.

So Yeah, I love it. Excited to be here again. We're super excited to have you. Yeah. Crystal, you wanna kick it off? Questions? Oh Yeah. Okay. So I'm Well, okay, fine. I was just gonna say welcome back, but Oh well. Yeah, that too. I told you. I'm excited. You are excited.

Okay. So what I wanna know know is just like, okay, what's the benefit of using Screaming Frog? Okay, so I'll, I'll back up and talk about, I have two, two, I have an audit I did for a photography client and then I also have a podcast client. I did an audit for who she does videos and images,

like that's her background graphic design. So I'm just gonna, I'm gonna give you a little story and then I think that'll explain why Screaming fog's really important and what it shows you about your website. So I always preach, don't do what you like, do what your clients like, right? So even though you think it's great, that's not necessarily what's good for the website or for your clients.

So my podcast client, I'll start with her first. She did this beautiful video and your homepage right is your real estate. She did the whole entire homepage as a video. So why, like, why would you do that? All you click is play, right? And you don't go anywhere. So her website was super slow. The mobile site was terrible because you know,

when there's a video loading, it's just awful. So her website was having a huge high bounce rate because of how slow it was, because of how big the video was. And it was terrible. So then she said, well let's, let's put an image I've designed in there instead. And I said, okay, fine, let's test this. Right?

Like, I already knew what was gonna happen again. So she put a big beautiful image and again, there was nothing clickable on there. She just wanted to show this image she'd drawn. They were actually a haunted podcast, which is great. Ooh. But the image was the whole, whole real estate and was taking forever to load, right? And so there was a bunch of bounces.

So we look at the analytics, right? And we see that people are bouncing, nobody cares about the image. So if nobody cares about the image and that's your homepage, nobody's gonna care about your website. Then I put it into Screen Frog because you can see it is so many gigabytes over what it needs to be to be a fast website and what it needs to be to compress so that it makes it load fast.

So after we were able to, okay, your video doesn't work, your image doesn't work cuz it's so big, screaming Frog shows this, your analytics show this. Let's fix this. So finally, my long story is don't take your whole real estate up with something so large and such a massive amount of storage gigabytes, however you wanna look at it,

that it's going to slow your website down, especially your mobile. I think that you've probably heard this on the webs, the podcast, but mobile is what it is now, right? Everyone's on the go on their mobile and it's gonna make it even worse on mobile if your images videos are too big. So that's why I always like to do an audit with Screaming Frog.

And then another audit I did was with a photography client and her whole, because all it's all photography, right? Like there's nothing I, which is fine, but her images were way, way too big. So what Screaming Frog does is it scans your whole website, it scans all the images and then it tells you what you need to compress it to because it's causing your website to slow because it's at this file size.

So then I can extract this Excel doc and all I have to do is send the Excel doc to, so I, I don't do backend stuff at all, just to be clear. So I send the Excel doc to their web developer so they can go in and fix all the images. So that'll move the website faster. So you can still have a photography website,

but you Screaming Frog is amazing cuz it actually gives you the exact size you need for all your images. That's what I'm, and export to an Excel, it's so seamless. And then there you go, you've got it. That's like I, that's simple. That's crazy. That simple. It does other things, right? It gives you where you're missing page titles and meta descriptions.

But I think what it's really, I don't use that. I use MAs and Uber suggest for like quote unquote seo, but Screaming Frog is what I always use for images on websites. So I run my audits also through Screaming Frog. So you can see if any images are affecting your load speed, especially when you go to Google's page speed loader and you see how slow your site is.

So it's probably an image issue too. So I always run it through Screaming Frog. Perfect. Okay, so I have a few questions to follow up that, and I know B does too, so we'll take some turns here. But my, my, I guess my first question is there, are there some image size parameters? Like you mentioned something being like a gigabyte or something and that was too big.

Is there something to tell you, like what size images should be like ev if you're not using a, you know, like a Screaming Frog or any sort of other product to help you? Is there, are there some guidelines there for image sizes? So Screaming Frogs free by the way. Just you can do the free trial and that's all I do honestly.

And it gives me that, I sure you could Google it, but I don't wanna like speak that I know what the image sizes are because I just use Screaming Frog for it. So I think the free trial's fine, but also if you do that page speed loader on Google, it will also, it won't go as in detail for all your images,

but it'll give you a general idea of your images need to be fixed and you can always send that to your developer. And again, that's a free tool too, but really Screaming Frog that part is, is free. So I just recommend using that for the images. Okay. So with Screaming Fo Frog, I felt like the installation, I don't know where I messed up with that,

but I feel like the installation did not go well. Can you? Me too. Can You help us trouble troubleshoot that? Yeah, yeah. Teach Us text Stephanie. Yeah, sure. I mean, so you just Google Screaming Frog, right? And then you can download it as I'm remembering you can just download it as like an app, right?

So I have, I have a Mac, so I just download it as my app and then you open it and you run it through, like you do all the approvals. Yes, yes, I agree. I agree. Agree. And then it loads and from there I haven't had a problem. So maybe you can tell me where the issue was.

Well, I know with me, I think I hit the limit almost immediately. Okay. And so I, I couldn't, you know, I didn't have any room where I could use it for clients. Oh, okay. So well what, okay, here's a tip. I clear it. I don't know if you clear it. Oh, so I clear it as soon as I'm done,

I tip everything Ok. I delete everything. So try that. Cause I've never had a problem as soon as I delete everything, so I literally export it, you've got it. Export everything. Maybe you need the meta descriptions, whatever, export everything, and then I delete. Perfect. Okay. So I'm feeling very stupid right now because I don't know what happened before and maybe it was something like this,

but I, I didn't actually run, run the program, you know? Oh. So right now I'm running the program and it does say that the free version is limited to crawling 500 URLs. So I either have to purchase the license to remove the crawl limit, or I mean, how would I clear it and start at a certain point, you know,

I mean, can I, can I do that or would I just Upgrade, uninstall it and then reinstall It? Okay. That's how I, okay. But how, how do I run the, the, the URLs that haven't already been crawled though, I guess is my question. Because Like if it's only getting through a third of your website or something.

Yeah. You see what I'm saying? Because, because if I reinstall it, it's just gonna do those first 500 again instead of like the next 500. I'm trying to think off the top of my head. Oh see I haven't run into this. So We can send them to you. You can troubleshoot. We have, we have, we have massive sites.

I actually, but the other thing, the answer to that, Yeah, well I think for me, I have a, an e-commerce site. Yeah. And so that is probably part of it because I have so many variations, you know, like you think about letters and numbers and sizes, there's gonna be so many different things. So that might be something interesting.

But even with this crawl, I can see, But you know, what you can do is you can see if your images are all the same size, quote unquote, like color sizes, then you can say, oh well then I just need to fix these images as well. Right? Like when I ran a T-shirt business, my t-shirts all were the same image size.

So hypothetically if I had more than 500 pages, I'd know I need to compress all my t-shirts into t-shirt images into this size. Right. So you can use it like as a guideline I would guess. Yeah, because the issue would just repeat so you could also repeat the fix. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That'd be that. That's a good point.

Be thought. Awesome. Okay. I love this. It's super cool. I'm so excited to play with this. But you know what, the, another thing that's happening on my site, and you may or may not be able to tell me why is I, I use some SEO plugins for my Shopify store and it's still picking up on the, those titles that they overwrote my titles.

It's still picking that up even though that's not the, the title of the page anymore. So, and we Say picking up, you say when if somebody searched in Google, Google has the title. The Overall, well, okay, let's say for my domain, I have a www that is redirecting to a Naked domain, which is without the ww.

Yep. But it says like the, the title of the page is an old title. It's not the current title of the page. It's a title that was created using something like, oh gosh, I can't even remember. Like Smart SEO or something, like some sort of SEO plugin from Shopify. And I'm like, that's not what the title of the page is anymore.

You know? And your Site is, your site map is up to date. Right. So it's not like it's pulling Yeah, I, I've submitted it A call. Okay. Submitted was my next question And I can do that again, but I've submitted it far after I uninstalled those SEO plugins or whatever you wanna call 'em, apps on Shopify. Do you mind telling me what the SEO O app is that you're using?

Well, I don't use it anymore. I do everything myself now for that reason. Ok, ok. Yeah, because I, cause I did didn't, but that's the problem. They're still showing up and I actually had reached out to their support to say, Hey, can you remove your code? And all that type of stuff. They said they did,

but, and I've seen these errors pop up in Uber suggest, and I'm like, my title's not too long, you know, I Right, right. I can see it right here. But it's reading the old titles. So, and you've done the search console recently? Like resubmitted to the search Google Search Console. I'd reach out to their support then.

Okay. Yeah, that's interesting. So I'm glad that we ran this because now I'm seeing, you know, other things are seeing and obviously it's not good. Yeah, that's, you know, a caching issue. I, there could be like maybe many technical issues, but yeah, I've seen that before and it gets really frustrating to get fixed. So I'll just keep reaching out to a support until they,

they fix that. But to your point, I had Shopify as well and I do everything manual. Yeah. So maybe a tip to anyone that's using Shopify always have it done manually cuz you're hearing what could happen if not, obviously it's like a big undertaking, but it's worth it in the end. So highly recommend manual. Okay, so in the Screaming Frog report.

Yeah, I love how it has a spreadsheet that kind of, you know, gives you information like the address content type, status code index ability, index ability status. I have some blank columns, which is meta keywords one and meta keywords one length. And so I was just curious, you know, how, how do you get your actual keywords that you're targeting to show up there?

Yeah, so I'll, I'll be just totally transparent. I'm not sure what it does. That's why I think Screaming Frog is, in my opinion, only good for image compression. I go and use Uber Suggest and Moz A Refs, all of that because it'll pull that in. Okay. So I'm, I don't think Screaming Frog is a strong tool for that kind of stuff.

So it happens to me too. I just ignore it because that's actually not accurate. Those other tools we've talked about will pull it in. Got it. So I would, I would just not pay attention to that. So if someone is gonna download Screaming Frog on their own, let's say they don't wanna reach out to any of the three of us,

which is fine, it's cool, whatever. But if they wanna do this on their own, how often would you suggest they run a Screaming Frog report? Especially to look for the image issues? Well, okay, if you're a photography website, I would do it at least once a month. Right. Because you're probably uploading new images all the time.

For myself, I don't, so I would probably just every six months maybe do it. But if you are image heavy, I would do it once a month to make sure. Cuz you just don't know. Right? Like let's say you upload some, let's say you ran a screening frog yesterday, but today you're uploading something huge, right? Maybe you wanna run it in a couple days,

like let Google figure it out and then run it. But I'd run it at least once a month. Okay. So how, so do you go to the images tab to check the images, right? Is that how Yep, yep. Okay. Can you walk us through that? Yes. So let me get into my own Screaming Frog Because it's like,

there's so much information, it's like, okay, what do we look for? Right? So I, when I, and also, like you mentioned, the meta keywords will be blank. I personally, I think it'll pull that when you download the Excel file. But again, I just, I don't pay attention to that. Okay. Cause you can use Reach out to one of us,

or you can use one of the free tools and it will actually show you what your, your keywords are. Right. Like it just, I Mean I've seen so many different key terms here that we could put in our next diction dictionary episode. So like what in the world That's, That's another way that it's gonna be helpful for us too. Yeah.

So you can do that too. Again, I just personally do it for images, but yeah, it can give that as well. Like it's totally good. Well even if it's just like more for, for us for like research purposes. Like okay, people are gonna see these terms, let's help us, help us help them figure out what it is.

Right, right. Exactly. So I think just a minute, it's taking just a few seconds to open that. Well, No problem. Because there's something I noticed that's like kind of a, a side, you know, tangent here. Sure. Yeah. But like again with Shopify, when you're talking about like site structure and trying to set up your site structure,

Shopify does all of that for you. So it's not as much of a manual process as if you were using a WordPress and you know, I bet Squarespace is kind of similar that they already have the, the structure in place or whatever. But there is a place here in Screaming Frog where you can see your site structure and see where everything is, you know,

connecting. And so how Google's crawling your site. So that to me as a nerd is very interesting because I wanna make sure everything's kind of classified in the right way in a smart way. So that is, that's something that sticks out to me as well. I like, It's so funny as a nerd. Yeah, well yeah. Yeah. So I use WordPress and I have to do my own site structure.

So I feel, and it's, it's okay because I think I have maybe 10 pages, but if you have a page, let's say you are an e-commerce and you're on WordPress and you have 500 pages, that's a big undertaking. So I do like that about Shopify. Unfortunately I'm getting an error right now on opening it, but if you wanna show me your screen,

I can walk you through it or what I, from my memories, you just enter the url, then you click the images tab and it should show you all the URLs within your website. So put your main URL in that section and then it should bring up 500. It can't do all that, but it'll bring up all the pages that is available.

Okay. Okay. There you go. So image tab. Oh I see it's crawling right now. Yeah, I just, actually, I just cleared it cuz I was like, I'm gonna go to Google search console and resubmit it just to be on the safe side, you know, so this, this is actually my, and you saw that air come up?

This is actually crystal So it's a different site, but I just got the same error where, you know, it was like you have too many, you know, you can only crawl 500. So I don't know if that's a Shopify thing or what, you know. I bet. Yeah. Sorry. I was just gonna say, I bet it's so funny to like someone else to be watching this because I,

I think all the three of us are like, this is so interesting and we can pick out pieces and everybody else is like, oh my gosh, I'm clicking away. Yeah, it's overwhelming, right? Yeah. Okay, So using this for like seven years. Yeah. So you just export this, right? So you would just export this. You see how these,

some of these sizes are just like huge, right? So what's huge When you look at these, you see index. Yeah. When you, when you say size and you say huge, like whoa, like that one, this B is that huge? Yeah, yeah. It speak forever to load. That's HoneyBook. Exactly. That's on your site.

Oh wait, is that like the the form? Yeah, The, the contact form. Oh snap. And it, it has been loading slowly and I kept wanting to go in and change it and just make it like an embed or do something different. Yeah. But it does load slowed even on my desktop and I keep forgetting to go back and look at it.

And now I, my gosh, what does that, what does that mean? What does the B mean? What does KB mean in Kilobytes? Right? So it's bee just Bytes. Bytes, correct. Yep. So this is a UK tool, fyi. So sometimes you may have to do a conversion on it, which can be annoying. But I just convert that to pixels cuz pixels is how I do,

oh I, So all I do is, if you're familiar with Excel, it, it's, it's easy to Google but you just change those to pixels. Like do the different com math conversion, which can be hard. I totally understand that. I've been doing this a long time, so it took me a while to do it. However, you can just convert those to pixel sizes cuz that's how I do my websites and I think most people do the websites.

Okay, so I, I know this sounds stupid because I, I, I know that it's kilobytes and megabytes and bites, but the structure of it, because it is like a metric system versus like the pixels, what are they in relationship to each other? Which ones Like which one's bigger To the bigger one? Yeah, So because I do the,

okay, I'm gonna do it right now, but because I always do it in Excel when I download it. So I'm gonna tell you right now, which is Bigger. My guess is that Bites is the bigger one. But I'm curious. Guess. Yeah. But I think for people listening, like when you see the KB and the MB and I've never seen a bee,

you know what I mean? Like I've never seen a bee myself. I'm like, oh my gosh, that thing is huge. Exactly. That's why I just automatically convert. Cause I, I dunno off the top of my head. So Bites is huge. It's 1 million. That's 1 million. So you have Good crystal. Yeah, so 1 million Dang Large charge,

One domain authorities thing on And then it's megabytes and then it is gigabytes. Where does kilobytes fall? Oh, kilobytes. I'm sorry. I didn't get that one. They're the smallest ones, right? I hope so. Given that there's so many on this sheet you have. I Hope so too. Lemme See. Hey, as long as there's no more of these bees,

I'm laughing so hard just because I call myself bee on here and we're like talking about look at these bees, I'm like giggling so much. Ridiculous. Yeah. I don't even like to see MBEs. Ooh, ooh. Surfer, surfer, Surfer has, I've Been trying to go back through and edit all of the images that I created in surfer and just,

you know, create them specifically and upload them and Shopify directly, you know, versus bringing 'em over from surfer. Okay, so let me, I wanna reframe this. So the bytes is the largest, sorry. The second largest is gigabytes, next is megabytes and then kilobytes is the the lowest. Okay, so you don't have any gb. Yay.

Yeah, so I would guess you're, so the kbs I right. You wanna start with the, the biggest ones. So the K you have a lot of kbs, which that would be the less worrisome. But I would start with, excuse me, the other ones first. Definitely get that B. Yeah, that mb Oh my gosh, that's ok.

So thank you for explaining that because I really think those, those little letters after the numbers can be very confusing know. Yeah, for sure. It's Like, Yeah, yeah. Sorry, I forget like thank you for bringing me down because I just do the conversion in Excel and then I send that to the developer so I say hey we need 'em at this pixel size because I only know I only work in pixels.

That's awesome. Hey, before we jump away from this, I know it might be like a silly thing to point out, but my eyeballs, it took me a solid five minutes to find this when Stephanie was like, oh yeah, export the file. I'm like, where in the flip is export? Okay, so you see these like giant list of like the numbers and the websites and the things and the KBS and all of that.

Yeah. Below that, on the left it says export. So I'm happy that I scanned this whole thing, but there's a lot of information. So let your eyes just kind of like wander around And it's not intuitive because it's not a different color. It blends with everything. Yes. So great. Great call out on that. Yeah. And it,

sorry, it's also grayed out until you actually click within the spreadsheet. Oh, good to know. Okay. So that's why you couldn't see it at first. Yes. Thank you. Sometimes when you are doing this so long it's great to, you know, bring it down to a level I like. I I'm thank you for asking that because I forget and I just export.

Wait, I have one more just like silly one. Okay, so when you were talking about clearing it up at the top it says clear. Just do that. Yeah, yeah. After you export. Yes, correct. Okay. Yes, I'm done. Okay. So when I, okay. Since I clicked into the spreadsheet, if I click export,

will it export everything in the spreadsheet? Yes. Or just this? Okay, perfect. No, it exports everything. Okay, because I tried, this is to select all in here and if I select all of it, it grade out the export again. Yeah. So don't select anything, just export it and then I just filter it by size.

Right. And then do my like the calculation in Excel. Yes. Wonderful. And I'm not an Excel person. I am zero Excel. So that just tells you, you can figure it out. I'm Not an Excel. I actually, sorry, let me say I use So exports in Excel and I upload 'em into Google Sheets. Yep. That's way easier that way.

Excel. That's what I was gonna, So export and Excel cuz for some reason everything exports in Excel. Upload into Google Sheets. Just Google what, what the formula is and you got it. Perfect. Maybe we could drop that formula in the show notes too. That'd be a nice value add, you know, so we'll find, we'll find that.

We'll drop it in The show. I think that would be great. Crystal on that. Awesome. Not It delegating tasks each other. Yeah. Get the dork on the numbers. Okay. Yeah. From there. Got it. I love this. I do we have anywhere else that we wanna go with this? I mean for me that was like super helpful and I think that gives our people a solid task.

Yeah, for sure. I mean that's all I use it for is the exporting of the images. So again, I think that's what it's strongest at For sure. Yeah, I love seeing that. That was really helpful. I'm glad we thank you for sharing your screen Crystal. Yeah, thank you. No problem. Not loading something with Mac lately.

It's not loading Uhoh. Okay, so I'm actually in my, my Google drive right now and I thought maybe just to finish this off I could grab the download but I don't actually see it. So Is it still downloading Within Excel? It takes a little bit to download. It's pretty massive. Okay. Yeah, I haven't seen it yet, so I'll just keep that Kinda going.

Why a little bit and come back. Okay. Cause it does take, and I don't have nearly ever as many URLs as you do. And it still takes a while to, you know why? Because I think, sorry, I'm, I, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think sometimes it downloads, it could download everything even Though not just the images.

Right. So yeah. And that and that is point, You're gonna have a huge file, so yeah. Okay. Yeah. Very cool. All right, well, we'll, we'll I'll watch it and then we can maybe come back to it now or later, so, okay. Yeah. Love go. All right, we're closing it out. So Stephanie,

where can people find you? So at Stephanie spelled the normal way, marie Beautiful. And then, and then on On Instagram, I'm SMM SEO agency. And then on LinkedIn I am Stephanie Marie Marketing and I'm on Facebook that connects to Instagram. So it's Stephanie Marie Marketing and you can find me on those places. And my YouTube channel is not,

I'm not gonna give you the the URL yet to that because it's, I'm still updating that. Oh cool. Whenever you get it updated let us know and we'll pop it in here. Yeah. Crystal, Did you guys know that YouTube is now allowing you to choose handles And I just did that so that's why I need to, now that I got my handle chosen,

I just need to revamp my site because I didn't wanna push it when it was some weird number or letters and numbers afterwards. Cause that Was weird. Right. So that's why now and oh, just FYIs after a month, by the way, a a month after you create, that's when you can choose it. So I was slowly uploading photo, sorry,

videos, but I didn't wanna push anything until I got my U, my url. I love that. I think that's weird when it's so many weird numbers and letters. Maybe Once they verify you're a person, I, I'm not sure what their logic is, but that could be their logic Or I wonder if they're trying to just like vet what information you're putting out there.

That too. That too. So cuz when you upload it, it scans for plagiarism as well. So I don't know if they have another plagiarism team behind the scenes, like to make sure, cuz it's probably just an AI thing that scans it. Right, right. Ai, artificial intelligence for those that don't know no person like reviewing it. Right.

Just a bot. Just a Bot with probably a cool name. Yes. I'm Just a bot in the world. That would be a great T-shirt. Yeah, I like that. I'm just a bot in the world. Yeah. All. So we're good here, right? Yes, we are done. Thanks Stephanie. Thanks Deb. Thanks for joining us today.

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(Cont.) How to use ScreamingFrog For Website Image Size w/ Stephanie Long