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Launch With Confidence: SEO and Pre-Launch w/ Brenna McGowan

December 07, 2022 Brenna McGowan, Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell Season 1 Episode 29
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Launch With Confidence: SEO and Pre-Launch w/ Brenna McGowan
Show Notes

We are talking to  Brenna McGowan all about using prelaunch strategies aligned with an SEO strategy!

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Brenna is a copywriter, launch strategist, and pre-launch expert who helps business owners communicate the value of their products and services.

1. What is pre launch?

  • Pre-launch is the period before a sales promotion when businesses promote what they are selling to get people prepared for the main event.
  • Planning is key to successful pre-launches, as well as understanding how to use pre-launch tactics in an evergreen funnel.

2.  Pre-launching can be helpful for anything from lead magnets to events, not just products or services.

  • The pre-launch journey is figuring out exactly where the person is at, exactly the right fit readiness. 
  • A prelaunch is what comes before a sales promotion.
  • Many times in content: call to action is vague or missing completely.

3. Paying attention is key to understanding what interests people and informing an SEO strategy.

  • Credibility is important for authority and SEO.
  • Empathy is key to understanding your ideal client.
  • You can show empathy by giving people autonomy.

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