The Simple and Smart SEO Show

Podcast SEO: 3 Simple SEO Tips to Attract More Podcast Listeners

September 17, 2022 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell Season 1 Episode 16
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Podcast SEO: 3 Simple SEO Tips to Attract More Podcast Listeners
Show Notes

Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO Show!
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What's in our 16th episode?

Today we're talking SEO strategy for our podcast!

SEO plays a role in ALL of our online content:

  • Utilize SEO for your podcast show name by including keywords in your name.
  • Use keywords in your show notes and description to help people find your podcast.
  • You can also use keywords in social media posts, Pinterest pins, and emails.

We utilize and other specialized tools for podcast-related tasks:

  • is a copywriting assistant tool that can be used to help generate show notes.
  • is a tool that can be used to create transcripts of audio or video files.
  • Show notes are important because they help people understand what the podcast is about - and a perfect place to add SEO related keywords.


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