The Simple and Smart SEO Show

Use SEO & Ads Like the Experts w/ Ashleigh Chanél (Pt. 2)

August 31, 2022 Brittany Herzberg, Crystal Waddell, Ashleigh Chanel Season 1 Episode 14
The Simple and Smart SEO Show
Use SEO & Ads Like the Experts w/ Ashleigh Chanél (Pt. 2)
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Welcome to the Simple and Smart SEO Show!

What's in our 14th episode?

We are chatting PART 2 with social media ads expert Ashleigh Chanél about words that sell ... and of course, SEO!

About Ashleigh Chanél:

A world travelling lover of charcuterie boards, expert Digital Marketer & the CEO of Make Your Mark Digital Marketing Agency. 

Ashleigh Chanél helps profit-driven business owners transform their businesses into revenue-generating and impact-creating machines without the extra time and stress. 

I position my clients as authorities in their industries with tailored organic and paid marketing and advertising strategies.

Ashleigh on Marketing Mindset:

  • People are scared to spend money on ads because they don't want to waste it, but ROI is not always monetary.
  • You can validate your funnel by asking people in your ideal audience their thoughts on it before you put it out there publicly.
  • Ask your audience what they want and what they hate about your industry before you start marketing to them.
  • When selling something, it is important to be able to explain how it will benefit the buyer; if you can't do this, then it will be difficult to make the sale.

Ashleigh on Ads Mindset:

  •  Ads don't have to be hard, but you need a strategy behind them.
  • If people aren't clicking on your ad, there's an issue with the targeting, creative, or copy.
  •  If people are clicking on the ad but not opting in, there may be a disconnect between what your customers are looking for and what you're offering.

Ashleigh on Overwhelm:

  • Focus on one thing, rather than feeling overwhelmed by trying to accomplish everything at
The Demand Gen Fix
B2B buyer behavior is changing and traditional lead generation tactics just don’t work...

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(Cont.) Use SEO & Ads Like the Experts w/ Ashleigh Chanél (Pt. 2)